Mortified's Nicolas Dunn doesn't look like this any more

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Tuning into award-winning series Mortified in the mid noughties may not seem that long ago, but when you grow up watching a kids TV show, or see your own children watching the show, you sometimes forget that the child stars of the program don't stay children forever.

However, when you see how much one of the stars of the show has changed, it will make you reassess where the time has gone.

Marny Kennedy as Taylor and Nicolas Dunn as Hector in a scene from Mortified
Marny Kennedy as Taylor and Nicolas Dunn as Hector in Mortified. Photo: YouTube/@twistedlunchbox

Nicolas Dunn was 12 when he played Hector Garcia, best friend of show narrator Taylor Fry, played by Marny Kennedy. Taylor is just trying to get by as a kid reaching her teens, when everything and everyone is embarrassing. Hector has a crush on Taylor while Taylor has a crush on their classmate Leon.


While they only filmed two seasons of the comedy-drama, re-runs on both ABC and Disney Channel have made it easy to forget how much time has passed.

Actor Nicolas Dunn in his acting head shot
Mortified's Hector is all grown up. Photo: Facebook/@nicolas.dunn

Since the show wrapped in 2007, Nicolas has continued to perform, produce and write, with roles in The Strange Call and Comedy Sketch TV Time, Okay? and in the short film Alone.

Nicolas, now 30, has also been embracing social media and created his own web-based comedy talk show called Meet The Barista in which he "interviews famous people" (if they turn up, sometimes he just interviews friends who look kind of like the stars).

Nicolas Dunn interviews a friend on the set of his web chat show Meet The Barista
Nicolas Dunn on his web show Meet The Barista. Photo: Facebook/@nicolas.dunn

With the tagline: "I'm not only able to pour my heart into a character, but a coffee cup as well," Nicolas launched the show in August last year and there are currently five episodes that are each about six to eight minutes long.

His fans are thrilled to be able to watch him on the small screen again.

Recent photos of Mortified's Nicolas Dunn
Mortified's Nicolas Dunn as he is today. Photo: Facebook/@nicolas.dunn

"I'm so happy to see you here!! Can't wait to see more of your work," one fan wrote in the comments. "Of course, loved you on Mortified and still watching it to this day - have always been wondering how you've been doing since! Great to see you're still into performing and all the shenanigans. Subbed and followed! Godspeed xx"

"Pure comedic gold!!" another added.

While he hasn't uploaded any new content since September 2021, there are lots of fans, both of Mortified and of Nicolas's comedy, that are hoping he'll be adding more videos soon.

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