This Momofuku-approved vegan burger beats meat

When someone raves about a vegan dish they had and swear they couldn’t taste it apart from meat, your immediate reaction is "Sure...”

But what if that someone was a Michelin-starred chef? Would that make you think differently about vegan food?

David Chang posted this photo of a juicy
David Chang posted this photo of a juicy

Momofuku genius David Chang says he has “tasted the future and it was vegan,” in a recent Facebook post accompanying a seriously juicy looking beef burger.

“This burger was juicy/bloody and had real texture like beef. But more delicious and way better for the planet. I can't really comprehend its impact quite yet...but I think it might change the whole game. Cooked them at @ko_ep. From the big brains @impossible_foods,” the chef captioned the image.

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Well, would you look at that. Who would have thought at first glance this oozing “beef” patty was in fact 100% vegan?

While Impossible Foods aren’t giving the recipe away, the company claims some ingredients in the meat-inspired creation include coconut and honeydew.

This burger is 100% vegan. Photo:
This burger is 100% vegan. Photo:

According to their website, they underwent heavy scientific and edible research to find out what plants created a burger that looks, smells, tastes and sizzles like ground beef and it seems like they've hit the jackpot.

Chang is a pioneer of the culinary world, always at the forefront of food trends and backing important projects he sees will have an impact on the world.

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A meat eater himself, of course Chang would choose beef over plant food but it seems like this vegan burger has some serious game.

Not only is beneficial for the environment but it may also be the answer to keeping up with our ever expanding population.

By the looks of this burger, would you incorporate vegan "meat" into your diet?

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