The moment Meghan Markle breaks royal protocol right in front of the Queen

Sarah Carty
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She’s the newest member of the royal family and no doubt is still learning all the rules, but Meghan Markle has been caught on camera turning her back on the queen – which is considered a major breach of protocol.

The Duchess of Sussex was attending day one of Ascot and was videoed chatting with the queen and Prince Harry when the moment occurred.

In the video above, you can see Prince Harry sliding behind his wife to move closer to his dad, Prince Charles.

Meghan Markle attended day one of Ascot. Photo: Getty Images

He made sure not to turn his back as he moved and pulled it off with one swift glide.

However, his wife, Meghan Markle, seemed to have been taken off-guard and can be seen in the video twirling around, completely turning her back on the queen.

The move is considered a breach of protocol by Buckingham Palace, as it’s seen as rude to not face the Monarch when she’s in your company.

Back in 2012, Jane Estoe’s book, called Elizabeth: Reigning in Style, revealed that turning your back on the queen is a major no-no.

The royal broke major protocol by turning her back on the queen. Photo: Getty Images

An extract of the book was reprised in Stella magazine, which told the story of milliner Frederick Fox’s fitting with the queen, where he was briefed on what to do.

“Don’t touch the Queen, don’t ask questions and don’t turn your back”, Fox was told by one of the Queen’s aides.

He admitted that he found it hard to know when he could turn his back and walk away form the queen.

“The Queen was standing at the end of a long room,” he’s reported as saying in the book.

“I advanced, did my chat and my thing. When it was time to depart I was rooted to the spot. I thought that if I walked backwards I would fall over the furniture of one of the corgis.”

He claims that the queen actually spotted his predicament and turned her back on him so that he had the ‘opportunity to withdraw’.

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