Molly Meldrum apologises for shocking concert act: ‘Embarrassed’

The music legend suffered a brain injury in 2011.

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Aussie music legend Ian 'Molly' Meldrum has apologised after it was alleged that he exposed himself at a Rod Stewart concert in Melbourne, two months after mooning the crowd at an Elton John concert in January.

Daily Mail published a video and images of the 80-year-old seemingly exposing his privates and urinating in his seat at the concert last Wednesday night.

Molly Meldrum's assistant has broken his silence after the Aussie music legend was seen exposing himself at a Rod Stewart concert. Photo: Getty
Molly Meldrum's assistant has broken his silence after the Aussie music legend was seen exposing himself at a Rod Stewart concert. Photo: Getty

Molly's assistant Alan Evers-Buckland told the publication that he was "embarrassed and, of course, sorry" for his behaviour at the concert.

"I took Molly along with my mother and a friend who helps with Molly (a paramedic) to the Rod Stewart concert last week," he said. "We have a dedicated and wonderful team of people who care for Molly. Unfortunately, you can't control everything or see everything no matter how dedicated you are or vigilant you are."

He added that Molly "needs our love and support" after giving so much in his career.


Evers-Buckland shared that he and the team didn't know it happened until the video was released, saying, "It was 20 seconds in four hours, you can't be watching him exactly for the whole time."

He continued, saying Molly has a "fantastic team", but they didn't see this coming.

A witness told the news site they were dancing in front of the stage when they saw the former Hey Hey It’s Saturday star sitting close by with two acquaintances.

“He pulled out his penis... then began urinating,” they claimed. “There were people everywhere. It was disgusting.

The anonymous source said they told security guards about the incident, but they were “more concerned about people filming Meldrum” than they were about the urine on the floor.

Molly Meldrum mooning audience at Elton John concert
Molly Meldrum shocked Elton John concert-goers in January after mooning the stunned Melbourne crowd. Photo: Twitter/oztish

“We all grew up with him and it is a shame he has morphed into this,” they added.

When contacted by Yahoo Lifestyle, Molly's management declined to comment.

It comes after entertainment reporter Peter Ford spoke about the incident on 2GB’s Ben Fordham Live on Tuesday morning and expressed concern that Molly hasn’t been the same since he fell from a ladder in 2011.

“He has an acquired brain injury, we have to accept that,” he said, referencing the near-death experience.

“Molly’s always been given to sort of odd behaviour, but since that fall – which he almost died as a result of – his judgment is impaired. That’s a fact.”

However, Peter went on to say that it’s important that Molly’s minders step in and “control him” in situations like these.

“I do think they’ve got to look at what’s happening when he goes out on these excursions because clearly he’s not being supervised enough or he won’t take that supervision or guidance,” he continued.

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