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There is nothing worse than planning a day at the beach only to end up getting your period the night before and deciding it’s just too hard to deal with.

Well now Modibodi has launched period-proof bikinis and one-pieces for women and teen girls, and you can’t even tell the difference!

Modibodi black bikini
Can you see any difference in this bikini? Photo: Instagram/Modibodi

The Australian label has been making its sweat, urine, and period absorbing underwear since 2013 and started a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to introduce swimwear in 2017.

The brand’s website explains the swimwear works with a two-layer technology.

“The outer layer is water resistant and the internal layer is moisture-wicking, absorbent and quick-drying, this means that as long as the swimwear fits snug to the body then the internal layer manages any flow from your body while the outer layer stops any ocean flow getting in,” it reads.


The one-piece is available for $100, while the bikini bottoms - that can be mixed and matched with any top you own - costs $40. Both are available in black or navy.

There is also an $89.50 racerback one piece for teenagers or a $38 pair of bottoms.

Modibodi period-proof swimwear
The period-proof swimwear comes in black and navy. Photo: Instagram/Modibodi

People are clearly excited about the product now that Summer is definitely on the way here in Australia, with plenty of people commenting about the ‘genius’ range online.

“How is this even possible. It's so clever! I'd love to try these,” one woman commented.

While others, particularly from the northern hemisphere, have already enjoyed using the special bikinis during the European summer.

modibodi bikini reviews
The bikinis are getting great reviews online. Photo: Instagram

“I tested these with my daughter during our vacation to the south and we were both sold immediately,” one satisfied customer from France shared on Instagram.

The pieces are only recommended for those bleeding 'lightly' because the inner layer can only hold 10ml, or two tampons worth.

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