'Modern Family' Cast Commercial Reunion Has Fans Making One Bold Request

Fans were delighted to see the Modern Family cast reunite for a new commercial—but it only left them wanting more.

Some of the fan-favorite actors from the popular sitcom recently got together for a new commercial promoting WhatsApp, a private messaging app that serves as an alternative to SMS messaging.

The new ad features appearance from Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen reprising their roles as Phil and Claire Dunphy, plus Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, who played husbands Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron "Cam" Tucker on the hit show.

The premise of the ad revolves around a family group chat, when Mitchell (Ferguson) learns he has been excluded from the thread.

"It's not you it's your new phone," Cam (Stonestreet) replies, while Bowen's character notes that his carrier causes him to send "blurry photos and weird likes."

A painter outside the house who was listening in on the conversation then explained to the group that they could use WhatsApp to send secure messages seamlessly, even if members of the group have different types of phones.

After sorting out the issue and creating a WhatsApp group chat that included Mitchell, he seemed to be pleased, telling Cam "This is fun," in another scene of the duo laying in bed together.

"We may have cut you from here," Cam replies, pointing to his phone, before adding "Never from here" and putting his hand across his heart.

The reunion video had fans feeling nostalgic for Modern Family, which was on TV for over 10 years before ending in 2020. The new ad even featured a recreation of the old sitcom set, leaving fans begging the group for more reprises in the future.

"Going to watch this on repeat and pretend it's a new episode," one fan commented on a video of the commercial shared to YouTube, while someone else declared, "This better be my teaser to a reunion or A Modern Family Movie."

"Please give us a movie!!!" another fan implored.

"10 more seasons please," someone else begged.

Another user called the WhatsApp commercial the "Best campaign ever," while someone else said, "Never knew how much i needed this."

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