Can you spot the difference between these bikini snaps?

Allison Yee

If you’ve ever scrolled through your favourite Instagram star’s feed and wondered how they look so perfect and cellulite-free in their bikini snaps, fitness star Karina Irby has shown exactly how.

The Aussie bikini designer has shared two posts of her posing on the beach to her 745,000 followers, showing just how easy it is to fake perfect skin in social snaps.

“Sometimes I like to photoshop my images and see what I’d look like if I was ‘social media perfect,’” Karina captioned the photos.

Can you see what's different between these two photos? Photo Instagram/karinairby

“You know... those girls you scroll past and think... ‘HOW!?!?’"

In the first photo, the 27-year-old can be seen with her back to the camera, proudly “wearing @MOANA_BIKINI, back wrinkles, cellulite, and eczema”.

In the second snap, Karina’s pert booty is perfectly smooth without a blemish on it.

Karina regularly shares body love snaps to encourage women to feel good about their shapes. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

It’s not the first time the Moana bikini designer has shared normal pics compared with edited ones.

In one comparison, the blonde lists all the editing she's done, from removing eczema scars, erasing cellulite, sucking in her waist, pushing her boot up, thinning out her thighs, arms, necks and waist, as well as narrowing her shoulders and pushing her jawline up.

Karina is happy to own her ezcema and cellulite - and wants everybody else to do the same. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

“It’s a lot of effort, huh!?” Karina revealed on Instagram.

“Seems crazy. But what’s crazier is that we all fall into the trap.”

'Introducing my 10 second transformation! LOOK AT THAT BELLY!' Karina captioned this pic to show the reality of posed photos. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

Food for thought when you’re stuck in a deep, dark Instagram hole!

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