MKR's first dinner party after Sonya and Hadil exit

Emma Shepherd

As the judges and teams regrouped after the'' most explosive episode in My Kitchen Rules'' history, it was time for waitresses Stella and Jazzy to show off their cooking skills at their ultimate instant restaurant on tonight's episode.

However the Perth-born girls left judges and teams unimpressed, serving up over-cooked food and unpalatable desserts that almost put them at the bottom of the leaderboard.

"Ladies, your pheasant was dry," Pete told the girls. "This is a dish that could send you to the bottom of the leaderboard."

Pete didn't hold back his stern words of wisdom, critiquing the girl's main. Source: Seven

"Your eggplant dish was less than average," Manu added. "Eggplant is one of those vegetables that is not nice to eat when its undercooked."

And it seemed the other contestants agreed, especially sisters Jess and Emma who were still sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Emma was horrified after watching Surong rip apart her Pheasant. Source: Seven

"My pheasant will potentially give me nightmares tonight," Emma said after watching Suong using her fingers to break the leg of her main.

“Watching Suong eat her pheasant, I can’t get that image out of my head," she admitted.

Suong was seen tucking into her main meal, turning the rest of the table off theirs. Source: Seven

And the food insults didn't end there, leaving judges and the table unimpressed yet again with their desserts, which they've seemed to struggle with in their past cook-offs.

"The cake was overcooked, gelatinous and gluggy where the sauce was supposed to be," Manu said.

Manu Fieldel was less than impressed with the girls' dishes they served throughout the night. Source: Seven

"You didn't finish on a high for me ladies," he added.

And it seemed Pete didn't enjoy his honey mousse either, admitting their dishes could send them packing.

"I just didn’t like this dessert at all," he said, adding, “unfortunately you’ve hit a couple of lows".

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