MKR's Josh and Romel's 'plastic surgery' showdown

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

My Kitchen Rules’ Josh and Austin have proved they never shy away from controversy, and during last night’s episode of the cooking competition, they had a bone to pick with with fellow contestants about plastic surgery.

While Ruby happily admitted she’s had botox and fillers, it was Romel’s denial of having cosmetic work done that led to a massive showdown between him and Josh.

“No, I can honestly say I’ve never had anything done at all,” Romel told Josh.

“Cross my heart, I’ve never had,” he continued, before Josh’s younger brother Austin chimed in, “You look like Woody though from Toy Story”.

Last night MKR’s Josh Bonwick asked the fellow contestants about any plastic surgery they had. Photo: Channel Seven

After the homeschooled brothers cackled at the comment, Romel hit back, “Well, you look like Cousin It to me but I’m not gonna sit here and tell everyone.

“Cousin It that’s receding… but I’m not going to tell everyone that.”

Josh has now revealed that there was more to the heated exchange.

So everybody asked Romel if he’d had work done and he goes, ‘No, I haven’t’ and then Austin goes, ‘Yes you have, you’ve had plastic surgery, you can see your lips are all puffy’,” Josh revealed to New Idea.

Romel said he hasn’t had any work done. Photo: Channel Seven

“And you know what Romel said to Austin? Romel says to Austin, ‘Well you look like a transgender woman’. That’s what he said. And then Austin replied, ‘Yeah, well you look like Woody’.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel Seven for comment.

Meanwhile Ibby and Romel are set to cook tonight, and something tells us there’ll be a lot more drama when it comes to Josh and Austin’s feedback.

My Kitchen Rules continues at 7pm on Channel Seven.

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