MKR's most despised couple ever?

With her biting critiques, opinionated tirades and fiery confrontations, even My Kitchen Rules' villain Lauren admits that she’s ‘the most hated person in Australia right now’.

‘The social media comments are really, really nasty,’ Lauren tells New Idea. ‘We try not to look at it too much, but time to time we will have a little peruse.

‘But what’s even more shocking to see is that some of the people making really nasty comments are actual friends of mine, people I used to know very well. Very interesting – all this bullying from people we were close to, it’s really nasty.'

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MKR's Carmine and Lauren
MKR's Carmine and Lauren

MKR's Carmine and Lauren

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Lauren is quick to maintain that she and her husband of two years are honest, down-to-earth, positive people who’ve been misunderstood.

‘We went on the show saying we’re honest and open people,’ she says.

‘We don’t say one thing and then in the private interviews say something else, which, you know, we’ve seen a lot – like Lisa, who pretended to be nice to our faces but then knifed us in the back.’

Now, as the determined pair look forward to the rest of the competition, Lauren says they are hoping that the tide of public opinion will turn.

‘It’s been really hard for our families to see the hate, because they were so excited to see us on TV,’ she says.

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