Former Miss Universe slams 'disgusting' bikini photo troll

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A former Miss Universe Australia has hit back after she was body-shamed by a ‘fan’ for a photo they deemed ‘too fat’.

Olivia Molly Rogers won the coveted Miss Universe Australia title in 2017 and retains an impressive following with over 130k followers on Instagram.

Olivia uploaded a poolside snap, but one user had a nasty thought to share. Photo: Instagram/ oliviamollyrogers

The size eight model uploaded a poolside snap over the weekend, shot in Perth.

The sun-safe photo showed the 27-year-old in a white bikini showing off her famously infectious grin.

“Poolside in Perth with all the essentials. Sunscreen, hat, sunnies & rosé (ft. some blotchy fake tan),” she captioned the snap.

Later in the day, the model shared an upsetting reaction to the photo from one vitriolic follower.

Olivia shared the screenshot of the comments to her Instagram story. Photo: Instagram/oliviamollyrogers

“You’re too fat to be on Instagram. You should take this down it’s embarrassing,” the user wrote.

“I don’t quite know what to say right now,” she captioned a screenshot of the commentary.

Olivia slams ‘disgusting’ comment

Olivia Molly Rogers shut down the comments with a response on her Instagram. Photo: Getty Images

Later she shared a statement on the response, slamming it as ‘disgusting and disgraceful’.

The South-Australian beauty revealed the comment had struck a nerve given her history with an eating disorder, warning the impacts of such comments could be far-reaching.

“People who comment things like that are a big part of the reason young girls develop issues with their weight and bodies. They are a big part of the reason I had an eating disorder for 6+ years,” she wrote.

“I am a size 8 which usually is irrelevant to the conversation, but if I am being called fat as a size 8, imagine your size 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 woman and the comments they receive.”

Support online

Dozens of women shared their support of the model, encouraging her to rise above the comments, while applauding her for calling them out.

“F*ck that negativity babe,” one woman wrote.

“You’re absolutely epic if they’ve got time to troll on the gram, then they have time to work on themselves and their sh*t chat. Get it girl.”

“I can’t even imagine messaging or commenting something with the purpose of bringing someone down and trying to intentionally hurt them. It’s sick,” another wrote.

Olivia received the support after she uploaded a video of herself prancing on the beach in the same bikini, as a direct message to the person she called the ‘troll’.

“After a nasty little troll said some awful things about my body, literally hundreds of you messaged me with the kindest, most beautiful words,” she captioned the video.

“F*** the haters.”

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