Minnie Driver Apparently Has No Regrets About Not Marrying Josh Brolin

You know Minnie Driver.

Minnie Driver is wearing a sleeveless dress with floral details and a pendant necklace while smiling at an event
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You also may or may not know that, way back in 2001, Minnie was engaged to fellow actor Josh Brolin. The engagement lasted less than six months before they broke things off in October of that year.

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And according to a new interview with the Sunday Times, Minnie has zero regrets about the end of their engagement.

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In the interview, Minnie reflects on some of her partners who were "so not the right men to be married to."

Josh Brolin, in a black t-shirt, sits with his arm around Minnie Driver, who is dressed in a light-colored outfit. They are at a dining event
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She went on to say that, if she had followed through with the engagement to Josh, “it would have been, I think, the biggest mistake of my life.”

Minnie Driver and Josh Brolin are posing together. Minnie Driver is in a strapless, form-fitting dress while Josh Brolin wears a suit
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The topic came up in a broader discussion about Minnie's feelings regarding marriage at large, in which the actor recalled finding out that her father had a secret family at the age of 12 — and that he and her mother weren't actually married during their 16-year relationship.

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“If I look at my history, what it did was make me want to be married so much and then choose men who were so not the right men to be married to,” she reflected.

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“So I would carry on longing to be married and to have that conservative version [of a relationship], find men who had no interest in that, and then if one did, run a mile.”

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Minnie also reflected on her current relationship with writer and director Addison O'Dea, who she's been in a relationship with since 2019.

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"But now I’m with someone who doesn’t want to get married but who is the most devoted, loving, extraordinary...everything I could have wanted in my childhood idea of a husband, he actually is,” she said.

Addison O'Dea and Minnie Driver on the red carpet. Harris wears a black tuxedo, and Burtka wears a sequined gown with strappy heels
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You can read the entire interview here.