Frenzy online over vacuum cleaner after mum's insane post

Sarah Carty
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A mum has caused a flurry of excitement online after revealing the amount of dirt her vacuum cleaner picks up in just one week.

She took to a Facebook group to post the evidence, showing the pile of dirt and revealing that she lives in a small three-bedroom house with her four-year-old daughter.

Miele vacuum cleaner
A mum revealed the insane amount of dirt her vacuum cleaner picks up in a week. Photo: Facebook

No shoes are allowed inside and she tries to keep the windows closed as much as possible to stop dust from getting in.

She also revealed that she vacuums the carpet weekly and the wooden floor several times a week.

“My Miele vacuum picks up this amount every week,” she wrote, alongside images of the dirt pile her Miele Blizzard CX1 had picked up.


dirt pile from vacuum
She revealed that this is the result of a week's worth of vacuuming. Photo: Facebook

People immediately commented on the photos after being left gobsmacked, with one person writing: “Can’t wait for my Dyson to die to buy one”.

Another person simply wrote; “Wow ! I need one”, while another said: “Better than the Dyson”.

Others who already have the Miele also gushed over the vacuum, writing: “I have the Miele! And live in a dry dusty rural area! It’s the best investment in life ever! No exaggeration! Grab and traps small and fine red soil farming dust from all through my house!”

Miele Blizzard CX1
Fans raved over the Miele Blizzard CX1 online. Photo: Facebook

Another person agreed, writing: “I have this machine. It's the best!,” with a third writing:

“It certainly is a great little vacuum, my sister and parents. It’s have this vacuum.”

The mum revealed that while many places sell the vacuum cleaner she got hers at Myer for about $549.

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