Michelle Bridges explains what to do when you hit a 'plateau'

So summer is over, the excitement and motivation of a new year has long since gone out the window, and maybe you've hit a bump on the road to whatever goal you had in mind for 2022.

No matter what you may have set out to do in January - eat more vegetables, walk more, lose some fat, lift heavier at the gym - there will come a point where everyone hits some kind of plateau.

But as Michelle Bridges, TV trainer and founder and coach of 12WBT, tells Yahoo Lifestyle, reaching that point isn't necessarily a bad thing.

michelle bridges selfie and training photo
Michelle Bridges says it’s important to not let a plateau get you down. Photos: Instagram/michellebridges

We asked the Celebrity Apprentice star to share some of her tricks when it comes to not letting a 'plateau' get the best of you on your health and fitness journey.

What are some of the things that can contribute to a plateau?

"It can be a number of things - your diet may need something extra or less, or your workouts aren’t pushing you as hard as they used to.

Another contribution is if you aren’t sticking to your plan. You might be doing really well five days of the week, but the other two days you’re not!"


Are there any positives?

"There are definitely some positives! It’s important to not let a plateau get you down. Start reassessing your health and fitness goals.

Maybe your body has just adjusted to the things you’re doing and it’s a sign you need to switch it up.

Take it as a new challenge."

michelle bridges
Michelle says it’s important to not let a plateau get you down, just see it as a new challenge. Photo: Instagram/michellebridges

What are your tips for overcoming a plateau?

"Try mixing things up a bit and seeing what works! Start strength training, high intensity workouts and focusing on your mindset.

Change your meals and try getting your fiber, protein and greens in where you can!

Also, try getting a friend to join you! You might discover a new hobby like rock climbing, zumba, or squash that you really enjoy together and can give you that extra push you need."

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