Michelle Bridges' 5 tips for setting realistic New Year’s resolutions

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One of the most popular types of New Year's resolutions for many are those that revolve around health, fitness or weight loss goals.

But despite the incredible success that some people do manage to find thanks to that fresh year boost of motivation - here's us still dissecting Rebel Wilson's Year of Health - as fitness guru Michelle Bridges explains, some of these type of resolutions are also the most 'unrealistic'.

unrealistic new years resolutions
Michelle Bridges says these type of resolutions are the most 'unrealistic'. Photo: Getty

"The biggest, most unrealistic NY resolutions are when people start too big," the former Celebrity Apprentice Australia contestant tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"They say ‘I’ll lose XX amount of kgs, exercise XX amount of days, for XX amount of hours'.

"They make these wild resolutions and they usually fall through within the first couple of weeks. People pick unrealistic weight goals, or health goals that just won’t work in the short run, let alone the long run."

michelle bridges selfie
Michelle Bridges explains how to set realistic and sustainable goals. Photo: Instagram/michellebridges

How do we make resolutions stick?

Michelle says that much of the reason these kind of resolutions often fail quickly is because there is a lack of preparation beforehand.

"Lack of organisation and prep leads to demotivation and inconsistency," the 12WBT coach says.

"And unrealistic goals make them feel unachievable, so you’ve already failed before you’ve even begun"

When it comes to making a resolution stick, Michelle says it all comes down to "the plan".

"Planning is critical to making healthy resolutions stick. Being organised and diarising your exercise, hopping, cooking and prepping is the number one step towards success," she explains.

michelle bridges working out
Michelle says planning is the key to success. Photo: Supplied

"Your first step here is to reassess where your health is now and where you want to be," she adds.

"Generally, people don’t achieve the healthy resolutions they set for themselves because they don’t put in place a practical plan to achieve them."

5 tips for setting the right resolutions

So with that in mind, here are Michelle's top tips for setting the right kind of realistic and sustainable New Year's resolutions in 2022:

  1. Take a goal and break it down so it is easier to achieve

  2. Make it realistic and exciting for yourself so you stay motivated

  3. Keep in check with your mind! We are our biggest critic sometimes!

  4. Learn about nourishing your body - cook and eat well - food is fuel!

  5. Plan, stay consistent and committed! And remember, JUST FREAKIN’ DO IT!

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