The moment two men stop traffic to save this stranded kitten

An abandoned kitten was found on a busy road by two animal lovers. Photo: Youtube/Reazenn

An adorable video of two men risking life and limb to save a stranded kitten is melting hearts across the globe.

The video shot in Belgium shows a motorbike rider zooming down a highway, only to narrowly avoid running over a tiny heap that turns out to be a scared kitten.

The rider, who goes by Reazenn on YouTube is known as Quentin Leroy on Instagram, and shared the video with his one thousand subscribers in a bid to raise awareness about abandoned animals.

“There’s a kitten in the middle of the road, you’re joking,” Quentin can be heard saying in the footage, before he comes screeching to a halt.

Joined by another driver who also pulled over, Quentin can be seen via a camera on his helmet, waving other cars aside and diverting traffic on the busy street to get the kitten out of danger.

Scooping up the ginger kitty, the two men’s tone instantly change from alarmed and outraged, to adorably sweet and soft as they coo at the frightened cat.

“Come here little one, what are you doing here?” Quentin says, before the two discuss what to do with the kitten.

The kitten was picked up from the middle of the busy highway by the Belgian motorist. Photo: Youtube/Reazenn

Just to make him even more of a hero, Quentin explains he is allergic to cats and has no bag so he can’t take the cat home, but says despite this he won’t leave the kitten alone on the busy road.

In a happy ending, the driver agrees to take the cat to a local animal shelter, but Quentin tells the audience afterwards that his evident love of the animals means he probably ended up adopting it anyway.

Quentin has been contacted for comment on the heartwarming video.

Viral moment for the kitten lover

Shared initially to Quentin’s YouTube channel last week, the video has been viewed over 900,000 times on Facebook, and gone completely viral on Reddit and Twitter attracting a slew of praise from all over the globe.

“Positive masculinity for the win,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Thank you so much for sharing this! That sweet little face says it all,” another wrote. “Now I'm going to go cry a river.”

“Heros,” another shared.

‘Don’t abandon your pets’

Signing off, the YouTuber shared a strong message with all of his followers.

He says though he’s not positive the kitten was abandoned, it’s more than likely, and reiterates a point it seems he has made many times.

“I’ve said it many times, but apparently I haven’t said it enough because it’s still happening” he says.

“Don’t abandon your animals.”

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