Melissa McCarthy Makes a Bold Declaration About Meghan Markle Critics

Melissa McCarthy, Meghan Markle

Melissa McCarthy recently defended her friend Meghan Markle, sharing why she thinks people continue to criticize her.

The Little Mermaid actress called out the critics who talk about Markle in the media and elsewhere, telling Page Six at the Broadway premiere of Suffs, "It bums me out for every woman and every person, that for no reason people just like to attack." The duchess has faced intense criticism ever since she first began her relationship with her husband, Prince Harry.

“A smart interesting woman that has her own life, for some reason, is incredibly threatening to some people," McCarthy went on, describing Markle and considering what might be driving people to negatively talk about her.

As for her, McCarthy doesn't see Markle this way, telling the publication, “I always think, how inspiring! I’ve never once been threatened by someone who is amazing. I just think how inspiring."

"It’s really on the people throwing the hate,” she concluded before reiterating her appreciation for Markle and calling her "wonderful."

McCarthy said something very similar about Markle and Harry a few years ago after working with them on a project in 2021. She told Access Hollywood, "I just found them very inspiring. They’re carving out their own lives. They’re carving out their lives for their kids.”

She added, "The way [Markle] wants to celebrate her 40th is by helping and empowering other women. How do you not get behind that?” The project was to promote her 40x40 program involving mentoring women trying to reenter the workplace.

It's unclear how close the two women are and if they have spent much time together since 2021. Despite that, it seems like Markle made quite an impression on McCarthy, as she continues praising the duchess years later.

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