Melissa Gorga Makes Bold Claim About ‘RHONJ’ Cast's Ozempic Use

Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga made it clear she's her co-stars' number one fan, but when it comes to using prescription medications to achieve weight loss results, she's not about to join the party. 

The 45-year-old recently sat down with her husband, Joe Gorga, and Sherri Shepherd for an episode of the comedian's self-titled daytime talk show, Sherri. During the chat, the Bravolebrity dished on some of her secrets to keeping her 20-year marriage intact and the "sparks flying," as well as her relationships with her co-stars–a handful of whom opened up to the talk show host earlier this month about their experience taking the controversial weight loss drug Ozempic.

Melissa addressed the confessions made by fellow "Real Housewives" Margaret Josephs and Dolores Catania with honesty and grace, claiming she’s the “only one on the cast that does not take Ozempic.”

"I work out really, really hard," she added during Wednesday's (May 29) episode. "To each their own for everything, but no, I don't [take Ozempic]."

The trio then went on to discuss how important it is to continue working out and exercising even while taking weight loss drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro to prevent "muscles [from] melt[ing]."

"I'm happy for everyone, though," Melissa continued, "That they feel good and they, you know, look good. I'm happy for them."

"But you're good," the Emmy-winning talk show host joked. "You're good and natural."

"Yeah, I'm good," Melissa said with a smile.

For those that missed Josephs and Catania on the Thursday, May 2, episode of Sherri, the duo proudly caught fans up on their weight loss journeys and credited drugs like Ozempic for helping them achieve their goals.

“I don’t know why because there’s no shame in it,” Catania, 53, said of A-listers who have avoided talking about being prescribed the medication, which is FDA-approved for the treatment of type 2 diabetes for weight loss purposes. “If a doctor gives it to you, if you’re doing things right, you’re becoming healthier by losing weight. It’s a bunch of great things that come along with this.”

“This is my high school weight. I’m not parting with it and I’m gonna be honest because it’s right,” she added at the time.

“After menopause, it’s so hard to lose weight," Josephs, 57, chimed in. "And then you’re shamed for it if you’re heavy,”

“It shuts off that food noise, my blood work is great,” she said of her experience taking the medication. “[Before Ozempic] I couldn’t do anything. It doesn’t matter if I was eating right or exercising so I don’t know why there’s any shame in it if it’s helpful to people.”

The two also agreed that with the drug comes a responsibility to be honest with the public. “This is not natural,” Josephs said of her drastic weight loss. “It takes a village. No one wakes up like this and no one on social media wakes up like that.”

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