Melanie Lynskey Says Jason Ritter's Proposal Was 'So Confusing' She Didn't Realize They Were Engaged

Jason Ritter and Melanie Lynskey at the 35th Annual GLAAD Media Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on March 14, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Mark Von Holden/Variety via Getty Images)

Melanie Lynskey and Jason Ritter are engaged!

Confused? So was Jimmy Fallon when the Yellowjackets star announced the exciting news while backstage at The Tonight Show, revealing that on a recent trip, her husband proposed to her.

It's a sweet new tradition Ritter's started, ever since he bungled his first proposal to his wife of four years so badly that she didn't even realize they were engaged.

The mix-up occurred not long after the two were casually browsing rings together. Lynskey found one she happened to like a lot but ultimately left it behind in the store because she thought it looked too much like an engagement ring.

So, when the Parenthood alum presented her with the same ring, it "didn't cross [her] mind" that he was proposing to her, rather than presenting her with a sweet gift. The "strange speech" that accompanied it was "so confusing" that it even left Lynskey thinking that Ritter was breaking up with her.

The actor quelled her fears but didn't attempt to clarify that he was proposing, to which Lynskey responded, "Well, thank you. Lovely; good chat."

A few days later, when the pair went to spend Christmas with his family, he excitedly announced that they were engaged.

"Are we?" she said. "Oh! That's not usually what a proposal's like; people usually understand that it's happening."

To make up for it, "he's been very cute and he's been proposing...over and over," she explained.

While celebrating her birthday in Slovakia, the almost-47-year-old's daughter spoilt the surprise, encouraging her father to "give her the ring, Dad," before he was ready, but it was all "very sweet"—and, truthfully, we wouldn't expect anything else from one of the sweetest couples we've ever seen.

Lynskey and the 44-year-old share one daughter, 5, whose name has not been publicly released. The couple was first engaged in late 2016, announcing it to the public in early 2017, and wedding in 2020.

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