Melania’s separate bedroom and life from Trump revealed

Allison Yee
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They struggle to put on a united front in front of the world’s cameras and now those closest to Melania Trump have uncovered the extent of the first lady’s distance from her husband behind closed doors too.

In a revealing piece by The Washington Post, Melania’s day-to-day schedule has been detailed – and it starts when she wakes up in a separate room from the POTUS.

The couple reportedly wake up in separate bedrooms, and often don’t eat together. Photo: Getty

Two close friends of Melania claim that while Trump wakes at 5.30am to watch cable news shows and hit Twitter, the first lady wakes a little later and readies the couple’s 12-year-son Barron for school.

Sources say Melania is just any other normal mum, making sure her son has his homework in his school bag before sending him off.

Melania has increasingly become more comfortable with her first lady role, but despite ramping up her public events and throwing her support behind children’s issues, she rarely steps into the West Wing where Trump has his office.

According to White House aides, Melania and Trump often don’t eat together either.

It’s not just during their normal schedules the couple spend time apart, with their frequent trips to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Palm Beach seeing the POTUS golfing and dining with pals, while Melania is noticeably absent.

Melania is notorious for keeping the POTUS at arm’s length in public. Photo: Getty

“They spend very little to no time together,” a source told The Washington Post.

While Melania’s spokesperson Stephanie Grishom refutes the claims by saying the couple do spend evenings together, it’s not the first time reports have emerged of the first lady’s very separate life from her husband.

Melania’s first priority is being a mum to Barron, say sources. Photo: Getty

In January, author Michael Wolff revealed in his book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House that Trump was the first president since JFK to sleep separately from his wife.

“Trump, in fact, found the White House to be vexing and even a little scary,” Michael wrote.

“He retreated to his own bedroom — the first time since the Kennedy White House that a presidential couple had maintained separate rooms.”

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