Melania Trump 'told to move fast and divorce' Donald

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A brand and reputation management expert has suggested Melania Trump should “move fast and divorce” her husband Donald, as his second impeachment trial looms.

Speculation has been rife for years that Melania would eventually divorce her husband, particularly once his time as US President had come to and end.

Melania Trump with husband Donald Trump
Melania should 'move fast' to divorce Donald Trump, an expert has claimed. Photo: Getty

Expert Eric Schiffer says now would be the time to do so, as any further charges against Trump trigger a “clear and present danger to their union”.

Speaking to The Mirror he said her advisers are likely urging her to “move fast” for a divorce, which could reportedly cost Trump an estimated $150 million.


“An indictment for Melania will be neither cool nor fashionable to her acquired tastes,” he told the publication,” he said, adding it could be “the final act” in her ‘role’ as his wife.

“Melania's advisers' calculus will be to move fast because Donald's divorce will cost Trump over 150 million that, in the end, if she doesn't move quickly, he won't have the cold cash to pay out.”

Friend thinks Melania ‘unlikely’ to divorce

However, one friend of the family revealed recently he would be ‘truly shocked’ if Melania divorced her husband.

Society publicist R Couri, described as a “friendly acquaintance” of the Trump family, said: “The likelihood is 99.99 per cent they will stay together. I’d truly be shocked if Melania formally separated and divorced from her husband.

“She grew up in a pseudo-communist difficult life.

“When she married, she wanted stability, romantic stability, financial stability, and through it all the one thing still standing is that marriage.”

donald trump
Trump is the first former US President to be impeached twice. Photo: Getty

Trump’s impeachment trial looming

Trump faces a historic second impeachment trial over the ransacking of the US Capitol. The trial - in which Trump is charged with "incitement of insurrection" - will begin on February 9.

However, several of the former US president’s impeachment lawyers reportedly left his team with a little over a week before his trial.

CNN cited unnamed sources as saying that five lawyers, including two who were thought to be leading the team, had parted ways with the Republican billionaire after disagreeing over his legal strategy.

Mr Trump is the first president in history to be impeached twice. He was impeached by the House in 2019 over his dealings with Ukraine, but acquitted by the Senate.

And it seems increasingly likely he will be acquitted again.

Just this week 45 out of 50 Senate Republicans voted to consider stopping the trial before it even started on the grounds that presidents cannot face impeachment trials once they have left office.

For the impeachment to stand, it would take 17 Republican senators breaking ranks and voting alongside the 50 Democrats to convict the president.

That would leave the door open for Trump to run again in 2024, a prospect that a significant portion of Republicans now support.

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