Mel Greig: 'Today I lost my babies'

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

After months of knowing the day would come, it finally did. Mel Greig received the phone call yesterday confirming her embryos were destroyed.

The 36-year-old media personality who suffers with endometriosis, had undergone the IVF process with ex-husband Steven Pollock.

While she had tried to prepare herself as best as she could, Mel says the pain of losing “my babies” was still overbearing and she feels “I literally feel I should have a funeral for them”. 

Today I received a phone call that no one should ever want to hear. ‘Mel today we destroy your embryos and we just wanted to make sure that you’re aware that you have 4 healthy and screened embryos that could potentially be healthy children’,” the radio presenter wrote on Instagram on Wednesday evening.

“And my response was, ‘Yes I’m aware, I know what I went through to create them and believe me I wanted to bring them into this world but it’s out of my control’,” she continued.

“For some they feel losing a house is traumatising in a divorce . . . Today I lost my babies because my ex husband decided to destroy them which evokes my right. What I went through to create them was so hard but more so . . . Children gone. It is what it is and I’ll freeze my eggs now and go from there.

Mel Greig received the phone call yesterday confirming her embryos were destroyed. Photo: Getty

“Today has not been a good day. I literally feel I should have a funeral for them. There’s so many things I would change from the past 6 years but that’s not something to hold onto. Moving forward is always the best option.” 

Fans immediately left supportive comments for the star, many having suffered with endometriosis themselves.

Me too!! I had 4 surgeries for my endo in less than a year before I could even start ivf so I know how hard it would be for you (sic),” wrote one follower. 

“Oh darling so sorry to hear this. It’s truly awful. Sending you love,” penned another. 

Mel took the time to write back to her supporters, telling one fan: “It’s so awful, I knew it was coming but that phone call making it real just destroyed me”. 

Back in October Mel wrote for Yahoo Lifestyle, explaining the difficulty behind her decision to agree in having her embryos destroyed.

I knew this day was coming and I refused to have my embryos destroyed when I got divorced, it honestly felt like and still does feel like I’m destroying my babies,” she wrote.

“I had been paying to keep them in storage, so I’d never have to make the hard decision of destroying what might be my only chance at having children.

But without my ex-husband’s permission, the embryos can’t be used and within a few more years they won’t be viable. It was a decision that needed to be made and one that my ex-husband had asked for too.” 

“Do I hate my ex-husband for not allowing me to use these Embryos? No I don’t. Do I think it’s fair that
the fate is in his hands? No I don’t. But I know how I would want to raise a family and that isn’t in a
hostile environment or as a single parent,” she added.

“Some of my dearest friends have done that and smashed it out of the park but it’s not for me and the chances of me going down that path at all now, are basically non-existent.” 

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