Mel Greig: This is why you need a rural road-trip

If you’ve never done a rural road-trip, put it on your to-do list now because it will change the way you think.

I’ve had my fur baby Mia with me over the holidays and she hates flying, so we’ve been doing a giant road-trip to get from state to state.

And each time I would drive down the main street of one of the local untouched towns along the way I would smile. These small towns haven’t grown, they haven’t even changed but as worn and torn as they are, that’s what makes them perfect.

I went on a road trip with my fur baby Mia and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the old untouched towns. Source: Mel Greig

The locals at the pub were all regulars, having face to face conversations, no one was on their phones. In fact, it’s almost like the people in these towns hadn’t been affected by social media, or designer clothing or the need to climb the company ladder – they lived in their bubble and they loved it.

I’m sure they still have their hardships but it reminded me of my life growing up in rural towns where all the kids could play together without supervision, you’d walk into the pub and it was always a social occasion because everyone knows everyone. 

You go into the local store or the pub and you’ll find that everyone knows everyone. Source: Mel Greig

I miss the days of feeling freedom, playing in the paddocks without a care in the world. However, Dad moved us on from the farm because he wanted us to have a better life than just falling in love with a local farmer and marrying young.

But when I think about that option and compare it to where my life is now including everything I’ve been through, I think I’d like to be back in my protected bubble with a farmer husband and raising children away from social media and notoriety. 

These beautiful towns have never lost the essence of who they are – from Sydney to Melbourne I stayed in a little town called Chiltern and it was truly magical. Described as a historic village with carefully preserved streetscapes, brick buildings and wooden verandahs – it was a Victorian gold rush town which has remained largely unchanged since 1850. Just walking down the street I could feel a sense of calm and relaxation come over me, I could see myself living in this town one day.

Visiting these rural towns, similar to where I grew up, makes me want to go back. Source: Mel Greig

I’ve recently been on two luxurious holidays but when I returned, I didn’t come back relaxed, I came back worrying about my imaginary money tree.

But what I found was that spending $150 to stay in a rural town for one night gave me what an expensive holiday couldn’t. It reminded me that the simple things in life can often be the best, that you can keep your heritage and the essence of who you are.

So if you’re looking for some self-discovery, go on a rural road trip and visit those small towns. It will remind you of life outside of your work bubble, outside of the long commute to work and outside of your phone.

Why not grab yourself a good old Chiko roll while you’re at it? Source: Mel Greig

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