Meghan’s dad confirms he WON’T attend the wedding

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After much to-ing and fro-ing, Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle Sr, has confirmed that he will not attend her wedding on May 19.

The former TV lighting director, who lives in Mexico, has been scheduled in for heart surgery following a heart attack last week, according to TMZ.

Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas confirms he will not be attending the royal wedding. Photo: Mega

The 73-year-old is said to be booked in for surgery on Wednesday morning local time, and will not be able to fly to London in time for the Saturday wedding.

“They [doctors] will go in and clear blockage, repair damage and put a stent where it is needed,” Thomas told TMZ.

He said he went to hospital on Monday complaining of chest pains and was put through a host of tests that found his heart had suffered “significant damage”.

He suffered a heart attack last week and will now undergo heart surgery. Photo: Getty

He also cast blame on his son Thomas Markle Jr., whom he blames for causing the heart attack in the first place after the troubled 51-year-old penned an humiliating open letter urging Prince Harry not to marry his half sister.

Meanwhile Thomas Sr.’s eldest daughter Samantha Markle, who has also caused uproar with her very public criticism of Meghan, told Sunrise this morning that he was being prepped for surgery.

“He sent me a message that he was undergoing heart surgery,” she said, “He’s been under a tremendous amount of stress amidst health challenges.”

Meghan seems to have maintained a strong relationship with her dad. Photo: Instagram/Meghan Markle

The news of Thomas’ surgery comes after the father-of-three told TMZ that he was determined to be there for his daughter after Meghan sent him a heartfelt text.

The whole saga started earlier this week when he was accused of staging paparazzi photos of himself for profit.

CCTV footage emerged of Thomas entering an internet café with a famous paparazzo who went on to take photos of him searching the web for information about his famous daughter.

It’s thought he was paid up to $180,000 for the photos, but Thomas told TMZ he wasn’t paid anywhere near that much. In the wake of the scandal, he pulled out of the wedding, saying that he didn’t want to cause the royal family or his daughter any further embarrassment.

He also revealed he was recovering from a recent heart attack.

Just 24 hours later however, he backflipped and said he would indeed try to make it to Windsor after he missed a call from Meghan but received a text saying just how much she loves him.

But now it turns out his health, rather than embarrassment, will prevent him from being by her side.

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