Meghan Markle's 'mysterious device' fuels speculation: 'Ridiculous'

A mysterious device that appeared to be hidden under Meghan Markle's dress has sparked speculation online.

A photo was posted to Twitter of the Duchess of Sussex during a walk at Windsor Castle with Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton following the Queen's death.

Eagle-eyed fans however spotted a rectangular object underneath Meghan's dress and took to Twitter to discuss what the mystery device was for, with many suggesting it was a microphone pack.

A red circle around a rectangle under Meghan's dress.
Meghan Markle sparked speculation about what was hidden under her dress. Source: Getty

"What is Meghan hiding under her dress?" one said.

"The waist outline sure looks like a mic pack. Shame on her," another commented.

"If it turns out she did have a wire to record or transmit, she should be banned from all things RF. This is getting ridiculous," a third added.

Others suggested it may have been a medical device while others defended the Duchess on Twitter from people trolling her over the object.

A video expert told 7Life it was possible Meghan could have had a microphone pack under her dress if she and Harry were producing a documentary.


"To get clear audio from Meghan and Harry, they would likely need to wear a mic," the expert said.

"The editors can then match up the audio recorded, with all the vision of the royals on their walkabout.

"Mics these days are wireless, and often easy to hide. So it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the duo could be wearing them.

"If I were producing a documentary with their involvement, I guarantee I'd be trying to record clear audio to go with the pictures the world has seen."

Meghan Markle praised during 'walkabout'

Meghan was praised after a woman in the large crowd paying their respects to Queen Elizabeth II appeared to turn away from her.

Photos showed Meghan hugging members of the public and crouching down to receive flowers from children, however, not everyone appeared pleased to see her during the walkabout.

In a video clip that has gone viral on Twitter, Meghan can be seen shaking the hands of several young women lining a metal barrier.

But as she approaches a woman in a blue shirt, the mourner diverts her gaze and ignores Meghan, who moves on to the next person.

The mourner appears to also turn her body away from Meghan during the frosty moment.

People on Twitter however praised Meghan for her response and slammed the "rude" woman.

“Meghan read the room. She doesn’t care if one person doesn’t want to shake her hand. She wasn’t embarrassed or humiliated…that woman looks ridiculous and petty,” one tweeted.

Another said the mourner’s behaviour was “rude and classless”.

“Regardless of what you think of [Meghan]. It’s respect,” they added.

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