Embarrassing detail on Queen's hearse slammed: 'Utterly tasteless'

Royal fans have noticed a very embarrassing detail as the Queen’s hearse left Balmoral.

The black vehicle transporting the Queen across Scotland had a large sticker on one window that read ‘William Purves’.

Two close up shots of a William Purves logo on the Queen's hearse
People were upset by the inappropriate advertisement on the Queen's Hearse. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

With millions of viewers watching the funeral procession, it didn’t take long before William Purves’ website was overwhelmed and crashed.

The company provides a funeral director service and has been ‘family run’ for five generations. The website boasts that they provide the ‘highest standards of professionalism, compassionate care and a truly distinct service’.


While the sticker was removed during the journey between Balmoral and Edinburgh, the ‘tasteless’ advertisement had already been slated by people online.

“How gross of William Purves funeral directors to advertise over the Queen’s coffin. Who on earth okayed that? It’s utterly tasteless that they took the opportunity to advertise. The sheer size of their logo suggests that was most certainly their intention,” one infuriated fan wrote.

“Sad days when the funeral director makes sure he gets free advertising all the way to Edinburgh. You should be ashamed of yourselves, William Purves,” added a second.

“Why are William Purves, advertising? That’s a tad crass isn’t it?” asked another.

The Queen's hearse arrives in Edinburgh and is greeted by guards
The Williams Purves logo had been removed by the time the vehicle arrived in Edinburgh. Photo: Getty (POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

However, there were some who defended the company, saying that they were under immense pressure to get everything right.

“The notion that William Purves Funeral Directors having their nameplate against the glass at the rear of the hearse is inappropriate is nonsense. It’s not something that is done for the day, they are affixed to all their hearses. They carry a huge responsibility this week,” one pointed out.

“Spare a thought today for the undertaker from Edinburgh’s William Purves for the huge responsibility on their shoulders,” a second wrote.

“I thought the late Queen’s hearse was quite the show car. Beautifully built Mercedes owned by William Purves Funeral Directors. A small controversy when they left the advert on the rear windows, but they stopped and scraped it off, before continuing on to Edinburgh,” another chimed in.

The Queen is currently en route to London, where people will have five days to pay respects to the late monarch.

Prince William, Harry, Kate and Meghan stop to look at flowers and tributes for the Queen
The royal family have reunited in this emotional time. Photo: Getty (POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

A spokesperson for the company gave a statement to The Sun about the controversy, saying they removed the advertisement “at the earliest opportunity” after realising their mistake.

“When the procession left Balmoral we became aware of the negative attention our company was receiving in relation to the branding and removed the logo at the earliest opportunity.

“We took action as soon as possible and pride ourselves on being discreet for all our clients.”

The company said that the branding is a ‘common feature’ on their vehicles, before adding that the procession had been ‘meticulously planned’ and ‘rehearsed every month for a number of years’.

“It’s been a privilege and an honour to serve the Queen and we’ve received the most amazing support locally and globally for yesterday’s procession,” the spokesperson told the publication.

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