Meghan Markle giggles and dons silly hats in unseen Vogue video

Gillian Wolski
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She may have relocated to Canada with her husband Prince Harry and their son Archie in a bid escape the public eye but Meghan Markle is well and truly back in the spotlight thanks to the release of a very candid, unseen video.

In the never-before-seen clip, the Duchess is seen having a relaxed conversation with British Vogue editor Edward Enninful who she collaborated with for the magazine’s best-selling ‘Forces For Change’ issue last year.

After surprising some of the female cover stars on the phone, a cheeky-looking Meghan, 38, announces that she has a ‘little surprise’ for Edward in the form of silly tiny top hats.

Meghan’s ‘editor’s eye’

Meghan, 38, reveals how she reached out to Edward by text message to ask for his help with her charity fashion collection, Smart Works, before deciding to ‘push it just a bit more’ and see if she could guest edit Vogue.

Edward recalls her first meeting with the Duchess at Buckingham Palace, who promptly dispensed with formalities and demanded he call her Meghan.

He was full of praise for the magazine’s first-ever guest editor, saying that Meghan had ‘an editor’s eye’.

The Duchess accepted the compliment and humbly revealed that she “left the fashion stuff to the professionals”.

The pair went on to talk about the importance of featuring female change-makers on the cover along with a ‘mirror’ to include the reader among the likes of New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, Greta Thunberg and Jameela Jamil.

Meghan donned silly hats in a never-before-seen Vogue video. Photo: Instagram/sussexroyal.

The Duchess’s ‘little surprise’

“I have a little surprise for us, I hope that’s ok,” Meghan announces with a giggle before producing two glittery mini top hats with mesh fascinators and gold party blowers to celebrate their achievement.

The pair have every right to pat themselves on the back, as the issue was British Vogue’s fastest-selling ever - it sold out in 10 days - and the biggest-selling issue of the past decade.

Edward and Meghan then make some surprise phone calls to several of the cover stars including American actress and LGBTQ+ advocate Laverne Cox, lecturer and diversity advocate Sinéad Burke and English ballet dancer and actress Francesca Hayward.

Brit model Adwoa Aboah didn’t hold back, dropping the f-bomb in front of royalty causing Meghan to laugh out loud.

“What a f***ing great project,” Adwoa declared.

While on the phone to US actor and activist Yara Shahidi, Meghan revealed that she was her ‘first pick’ to appear on the cover.

A-lister Jane Fonda thanked the ex-Suits star for including her in the project.

“Meghan I’m so proud of you for using your amazing platform and your strong voice,” she said.

Meghan guest-edited British Vogue's 'Forces For Change' issue. Photo: Vogue.

‘A diamond’

The footage was captured in August 2019, four months prior to the Duke and Duchess’s shock announcement that they were stepping back as senior royals and moving overseas.

The glimpse behind-the-scenes was shared by the couple’s official Instagram, @sussexroyal, on Friday to celebrate the Duchess’s guest editing win.

“Congratulations to all of those who took part in the 2019 September issue, and huge thanks to those who supported and helped make this a success!” the caption read.

Fans of the royal flooded the comments section with praise and congratulations for Meghan’s ‘wonderful work’.

“Love this clip too much! Meghan is SO a strong person !!! I don’t understand why the media’s keep trying to take her down! SHE IS a real FORCE FOR CHANGE,” wrote one.

“So proud of our Duchess,” said another.

“She is really a diamond. BRF [British royal family] failed to realise her worth,” one pointed out.

“Wonderful work Duchess,” praised another.

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