Megan Marx responds to controversial 'queer baiting' tactic

Anita Lyons

Twitter has been set alight this week with claims that producers on Bachelor in Paradise were guilty of 'queer baiting' fans over a potential on-air relationship between Megan Marx and Elora Murger.

Channel 10 had been teasing a same-sex relationship from the beginning, only for fans to be severely disappointed, accusing them of "queer-baiting", a term that means producers deliberately attract a "queer-friendly audience" by hinting at same-sex relationships between characters.

Now Megan has spoken out on Instagram.

"There's been a lot of harangue about the queer baiting that was involved in the promotion of the show," she said. "I too was disappointed that my sexuality was used as leverage when truth (the fact that I'm a sexual minority at all!) is always the most respectful option."

Megan Marx has taken to Instagram to respond to claims that Channel 10 'queer baited' fans on Bachelor in Paradise. Source: Instagram/megan.leto.marx

Always the diplomat, Megan defended the show by saying, "however I'm still grateful @bachelorinparadiseau gave me a platform to be myself and pursue any relationship I wanted to —they always made it clear they supported me, and were even respectful and open in me posting this message".

"A big apology to those who were offended, I know we can do better — we have a long way to go in Australia," she added.

When Megan first came onto the island, fans were quick to question what her "rules" were, particularly when she entered into a relationship with former cast mate, Tiffany Scanlon, after both being rejected by Richie Strahan.

Megan and Thomas Perrera kiss during an episode of Bachelor in Paradise leading fans to believe that she was kissing Elora. Source: Channel 10

“I love that @bachelorinparadiseau and @osher_gunsberg have given me a platform to be who I am and show alternate sexualities,” Megan continued in her social media post. “Yes, I am aware that I was going into a show where people would be predominantly straight.

"A concern was that I would make women on the show feel uncomfortable- the last thing I wanted was to make a move on someone that didn’t swing my way! Not one person in Paradise made me feel less than normal, less than loved, less than accepted. Thank you.”

Megan and ex-girlfriend Tiffany Scanlon were the first same-sex couple to come out of the Bachelor franchise. Source: Instagram/megan.leto.marx

“My innate sexuality hasn’t changed since before I can remember," she continued. "Just because I’m with a woman, it doesn’t make me a lesbian. And if I am with a man, it doesn’t make me straight. I came onto the show looking for a monogamous relationship, that’s all. And so- the answer is that YES - I was allowed to give my rose to anyone.”

The blonde bombshell made waves this week after essentially 'cheating' on Jake Ellis with Thomas Perrera, but then changed her mind when she realised it was Jake she really wanted to be with.

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