Mechanic's horrifying discovery under woman's car: 'So scary'

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A mechanic has gone viral after discovering a woman’s ex boyfriend had apparently fitted a tracking device on her car.

The mechanic, who goes by the username @kaos_noe on TikTok uploaded a video, showing footage of the device underneath the car.

Note to a mechanic
A mechanic has gone viral on Tik Tok over his discovery underneath a woman's car. Photo: TikTok/kaos_noe

"So a customer is scared there's a tracker in her vehicle from a crazy ex-boyfriend," he can be heard saying at the beginning of the video.

“I didn’t think anybody would actually do that but,” he says, before trailing off when he discovers the tracking device underneath the car.

“What the heck,” the mechanic can be heard saying as he scans the QR code on it. It appears the video was filmed in the US.


Tracking device underneath a car
He discovered a tracking device underneath the car. Photo: TikTok/kaos_noe
Tracking device underneath a car close up
The video appears to have been filmed in the US. Photo: TikTok/kaos_noe

While it’s not clear what steps were taken after the video was filmed, the mechanic is being praised online for taking the woman’s suspicions seriously.

The video has been viewed over 2.1 million times, with many women shockingly saying the same thing has happened to them.

“That you for actually checking versus assuming she’s crazy,” one person said, with another writing: “You probably just saved her life.”

Another mechanic commented saying they’ve removed hundreds of trackers from people’s cars and usually they just ‘rip them out’.

“My ex did the same to me except I caught him at night so waited for him to leave and looked under the spot he was messing and it was there,” another person commented.

Others said it’s frighteningly common and ‘so scary’.

"I hope this brings some awareness to what women go through," one woman said. "I promise we're not lying when we say this stuff happens all the time."

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