The fan-favourites skipping McLeod's Daughters reunion

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Alex, Stevie, Tess and Nick will all be making a comeback for the reunion. Photo: Nine

The internet is buzzing over confirmation that a McLeod’s Daughters reunion will be going down - or hoeing down - in Lismore this Christmas, but it turns out some key players are giving the anticipated event a miss.

While cast members Tess (Bridie Carter), Claire (Lisa Chappell), Stevie (Simmone Jade MacKinnon), Alex (Aaron Jeffery) and Nick (Myles Pollard) and a grown-up Regan (Zoe Naylor) are all confirmed attendees, a number of your favourites have opted out and to say we are crushed is a serious understatement.

Claire will also be returning, happy news for fans still mourning her characters tragic death. Photo: Nine

At risk of throwing out the baby with the outdoor bathwater, these missing pieces of the McLeod’s Daughters kingdom are really ruining our fandom bliss at the news of the one-night-only return.

Who will (we) be missing?

Michala Banas (Kate) will not be returning for the Christmas event. Photo: Nine

Fans will be crushed to learn Kate Manfredi (Michala Banas) will not be in attendance, presumably busy running that farm for at-risk teens.

It looks like the domestic and farmworkers have also moved on to better things.

Sonia Todd will not be bringing Meg to Lismore. Photo: Nine

Housekeeper Meg Fountain, embodied by the wonderful Sonia Todd, will not make it to the bush Christmas extravaganza.

Farmhands Jodi Fountain (Rachael Carpani) and Becky Howard (Jessica Napier) will also be skipping the celebrations and a couple of your favourite country hunk-kins will be missing in action too.

Jonny Pasvolsky and Rachael Carpani will not bring Matt and Jodi back. Photo: Nine

Tragically, Tess’ former flame, the sexy veterinarian Dave Brewer (Brett Tucker), will let sleeping dogs lie, and not stop by.

Other country hunks who will be sorely missed are Matt Bosnich played by Jonny Pasvolsky - but this won’t come as a huge surprise to fans of the actor, as he is keeping himself busy with roles in Picnic at Hanging Rock and Westworld.

Hunky vet Dave (Brett Tucker) will not be riding into Lismore for the big do. Photo: Nine

Patrick (Luke Jacobz) will not be parachuting back into hearts either, unfortunately steering clear of the Christmas collaboration.

With the key players missing, fans may pause before snapping up one of the few remaining tickets, if they haven’t already balked at the price.

The details

Held in Lismore, NSW, on December 5th, the Bush Christmas Reunion is sticking true to the show’s country roots and promises a fan-friendly afternoon.

The event will run from 12:30pm to 5pm, unless you opt for the deluxe, and more expensive option, which scores you an additional hour and a half dinner with the cast.

The afternoon will be hosted by Zoe Naylor (Regan) and will include Q&A with cast members, a revisiting of famous scenes, and limited-edition merchandise.

Though it’s keeping the country heart beating, not everyone is over the moon with the decision to host the show in far northern NSW.

Announced via an Instagram post on actor Myles Pollard’s page, a number of fans were disgruntled over the decision to host the show in such a remote location, pointing out it isn’t even in the same state the show was set in.

“Why in NSW? It was filmed in SA. The reunion should be in SA,” a disappointed fan queried.

“Too far away,” another agreed.

“If only Lismore wasn’t 13 hours away,” another bemoaned.

The reunion may seem out of left-field but the show did, in fact, host a very similar event just last year, in July 2018.

The location last year was further south in the country town of Leeton, NSW.

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