McDonald's staff give viral TikTok hack their tick of approval

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A woman's McDonald's trick has resurfaced after being labelled the "best life hack ever" earlier this year by TikTok users.

The hack involves buying a vanilla milkshake and adding a shot of espresso to create a "frappe".

TikToker Brad Canning
TikToker Brad Canning tried out the trick of mixing espresso with a vanilla thickshake, calling it the "best life hack ever". Photo: Tiktok/@bradcanning

The post, which was first shared by British TikTok user @melika_zaidi, reached over 550,000 people with Melika jokingly calling it an "award-winning beverage".

McDonald's staff members also gave it their tick of approval with one user writing, "I work at Maccas and loads of my coworkers always get this on their break."

"I work there and I do this all the time!" another added.


"Next time you're at McDonald's you have to try this," the video begins. "OMG I'm so excited. Step one: take lid off milkshake. Step two: pour in espresso. Mix mix mix. And enjoy. Not even gonna lie it's actually stunning. This is an award winning beverage."

TikTok user Brad Canning also tried out the hack, revealing he was so excited to try it he didn't even put on shoes before getting into his car.

tiktok mcdonalds hack
Many TikTok commenters pointed out the fact that in Australia we actually already have a coffee shake. Photo: TikTok/@bradcanning

"I'm trying this right this second," he told the camera. "OK, so, got my thick shake and got my tiny little espresso – I should have probably got a double shot – here we go! Let's try it."

"OK, I've given it a good stir... OK, so final thoughts, probably the best life hack ever, this is so good! Also, single shot was enough."

Many TikTokers flooded the comments, telling Brad that in Australia we actually have coffee shakes, but many others had no clue.

"We do??? Why has no one told me this!! Two of my favourite things together!!" one mind-blown user commented in response.

One user pointed out, however, that their local Maccas doesn't actually have coffee shakes on the menu.

When someone asked if Brad realised Australia already had coffee shakes he responded, "I do now after the flood of comments."

However, many others were stunned by the hack, tagging their friends writing, "Can we try this?! ASAP!"

Others joked that they were mostly shocked that the ice cream machine was actually working.

One user suggested the ultimate hack was actually ordering a salted caramel frappe and adding a shot of espresso.

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