McDonald’s employees left ‘speechless’ after customer’s $3400 order

Australian McDonald’s employees were lost for words when one of their customers ordered $3400 worth of food.

The patron, who is undoubtedly the fast-food chain’s biggest fan, bought a total of 304 burgers and 780 McNuggets.

McDonald's Australia.
A customer bought $3400 worth of food from an Aussie McDonald’s. Photo: Getty

A photo of the shopper’s order has recently resurfaced online, leaving other McDonald’s workers “speechless”.

The detailed order included 70 Angus burgers, 39 McFamily boxes - which included 234 burgers - 39 20-piece McNuggets boxes and 69 large fries.

They also purchased a Cheeseburger without pickles and a small Vanilla Coke without ice.

McDonald's receipt.
The receipt shows that the shopper ordered a total of 304 burgers and 780 McNuggets. Photo: Facebook

“I’d quit on the spot if I saw that order,” one person wrote.

“Small wait on the Angus burgers, shouldn’t be too long. Just wait around the corner,” another joked.


“The sheer audacity of that one cheeseburger,” someone else pointed out.

“Is this even legal?” a fourth asked.

Bizarre McDonald’s freebie baffles customers

The epic McDonald’s order comes shortly after the restaurant’s latest collectable freebie caused mass confusion with customers on TikTok.

The limited-edition glasses, which were released to celebrate their 50th birthday, are designed to ‘wobble and swirl your drink without spilling’.

The glasses have a curved section on the bottom so they tilt rather than sit flat.

McDonald's glass promo.
The glasses are available in six designs and are expected to run out soon. Photo: McDonald’s

While McDonald’s said on social media that they are “designed to push the limits of wibble wobbling”, users on TikTok were less than impressed with the item.

In a video viewed by 500k people, Nunya (@nunya343) said she was disappointed by the freebie.

“I don’t get it,” she told her followers. “I’m a bit pissed off because I wanted to use it as a plant holder.”

@thehappinesstrail added in her own video: “As a person who spills things quite often, I appreciate these no-spill glasses McDonald's. But on day to day use, do you know how annoying it is that they’re not flat on the bottom?”

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