A Discontinued Costco Food Court Fave Is Now Available in the Deli Section

Fans have been begging for this.

<p>Getty Imagess/Allrecipes</p>

Getty Imagess/Allrecipes

Costco’s food court is all the rage for good reason. Where else can you score that iconic $1.50 hot dog deal or shop in bulk with a sundae by your side?

However, we know many changes in the food court recently have left customers feeling divided (looking at you, Cold Brew Mocha Freeze, and massive double chocolate chunk cookies).

Another change that made no one happy was the discontinuation of the beloved pizza combo a while back. While that hot combo meal may not have returned, some good news exists for Costco fans and pizza lovers alike.

Costco’s Take & Bake Combo Pizza Was Spotted in the Deli Section

Back in 2022, Costco discontinued its take-and-bake pizza for reasons no one really knew. Fast forward to March of this year, there was some online chatter in a Reddit thread about the pizza making a return to the deli section. Now, it seems the take-and-bake pizza is now available again and can be found in the deli—but only in select stores.

In a different, more recent Reddit thread, it says the pizza was found in a Hawaii Costco location. The post shows a photo of the store with a banner displaying, “Take & Bake Pizzas Are Back!” It also states that there are two options to choose from: Kirkland Signature Combo Pizza and Kirkland Signature Margherita Pizza, both sold at $16.99 each. If you are one of the many disappointed shoppers who miss the Combo Pizza, this will be a welcome sight.

Many commented on the price, saying it “seems steep when you can walk up front and get a $10 pizza,” while others argued that the price could reflect being sold in Hawaii.

However, we did some digging and found that the Take & Bake Pizzas are also sold at other Costco locations, such as in the Puget Sound area. The Tutta Bella brand, a partner of Costco, offers its “2-Pack Lucca Pepperoni Take & Bake Pizza” also for $16.99 in select warehouses that include Issaquah, Lynnwood, Shoreline, Seattle, Woodinville, and Kirkland.

There’s no word whether this take-and-bake style pizza is available outside Washington state and Hawaii, but an alleged Costco employee who stated they work in the deli weighed in on the Reddit post saying these pizzas “will be 16.99 in every Costco,” which is giving us hope the item will be rolling out soon to other areas.

After the food court cookies started showing up in the bakery section, we have high hopes for more updates coming our way.

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