Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Big Little Lies, Leverage, Chicago P.D., The Way Home, The Rookie, The Diplomat, Criminal Minds and More!

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Big Little Lies, Leverage, Chicago P.D., The Way Home, The Rookie, The Diplomat, Criminal Minds and More!
Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Big Little Lies, Leverage, Chicago P.D., The Way Home, The Rookie, The Diplomat, Criminal Minds and More!

When will more Big Little Lies be told? Is The Rookie due for a new recruit? Will Criminal Minds‘ Voit reunite with his missus? Read on for answers to those questions and many more! (You can and should email brand-new Qs to

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Any updates on Big Little Lies Season 3? —Vanny
Though Nicole Kidman trumpeted back in November, “We are bringing you a third [season],” the reality is, “We’re a bit away from [starting production],” David E. Kelley told me last week while out promoting another adaptation, Apple TV+’s Presumed Innocent. “We’ve got Reese [Witherspoon] and Nicole leading that charge, freeing me up to deal with Presumed [Innocent] here. There are a lot of schedules that have to be worked out, but there’s a lot of passion for the project, from everybody involved. And I miss the characters! It would be great to spend time with them again because they were all very close to me. So, yeah, we’re all crossing our fingers.”

Are there any plans for Lamon Archey to reprise his role as All American‘s D’Angelo? Grace seems to be spending a lot of time at the house in Crenshaw this season without mention of him.” –Kevin
I can confirm that, yes, Archey will appear this season.

I was wondering if the ratings for The Voice took a dip after Blake left. I was a bit bored myself without him. –Vicki
Season 23, which featured coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan, averaged 7.3 million total viewers. Season 24 (Horan, Reba McEntire, Gwen Stefani and John Legend) built on that audience, averaging 7.45 million viewers, but the recent Season 25 (Legend, McEntire, Chance and Dan + Shay) slipped to 6.9 million viewers.

I’m wondering if you have a specific date for when Leverage: Redemption Season 3 will be released. –Brandon
I don’t have a “specific date” for the Freevee-turned-Prime Video series’ return, but I can confirm that he con will be back on in… 2025.

A burning question that most of us watching The Way Home on Hallmark want answered: Is there potential for Nick and Alice to rekindle an old flame? Is there a possible loophole through time travel they are thinking about going forward? –Autumn
“I’m so attached to the Alice and Nick storyline. It was really nice to revisit that this season,” Alice’s portrayer Sadie Laflamme-Snow tells TVLine. “It kind of seemed like the door had completely closed on it. We find out that Nick knows about time travel and he doesn’t share that he had any more visits from Alice, but all of our expectations can be turned on their head with this show. I am hopeful because I love Alice and Nick’s dynamic, and I’d be happy to see it come back.”

Any idea what the episode counts for next season will be for The EqualizerElsbeth and Tracker? –Lucy
Nothing is locked in just yet, but you should expect most returning CBS shows to land in the 18-22 range.

Can you dig up anything on where Evil shot the particle accelerator scenes for its fourth season premiere? They seemed too large/complex to be one-off sets, but they also didn’t look too similar to the images I could find online about the nearby-ish Brookhaven accelerator. –Ben
As you might have seen since sending this email, Evil co-creator Robert King tweeted out a photo of that set, which was mainly a Quonset hut in the Bronx, extended with visual effects.

I remember reading that Chicago P.D. was going to have another person join Intelligence. Do you know who it will be? Is it Petrovic? –Kay
When we checked in with showrunner Gwen Sigan a few weeks back, the answer was, “We don’t know yet. We get back in the [writers] room next week, and there’s a lot that we’re going to figure out. But I loved Petrovic on the show this season. I think that [Bojana Novakovic] was such a pro and she made [the role] her own. There’s so much depth to that character and it was acted wonderfully.”

Do you have any news about Departure Season 3 airing in the U.S.? –Evy
I checked in yet again with reps for the Canadian production, and there is still no word on anyone airing/streaming the final season Stateside.

Are we likely to see further romance blossom within the FBI team? OA and Tiffany have sparked conversations with several of their moments! –Leah
I was sure to feel out Katherine Renee Kane on such Tiff/OA buzz, and she pretty much echoed co-star Zeeko Zaki’s take. “[Tiffany and OA] are the closest in age, so maybe that’s what [fans] are reading…?” she suggested. “They also both understand toeing the line of having minority status and how to connect on that, but as far as a love interest…? I am totally not presuming to know what the future holds, and that is not anything that I’m aware of. I just think they work really great together.”

Any scoop on The Rookie ahead of Season 7? –Emily
Now that Juarez has been around for a minute, Mid-Wilshire Division is due to recruit a new rookie when Season 7 rolls around in… 2025. “We’re looking at the end of Celina’s 13 months, so to speak, at some point in the [coming] season,” showrunner Alexi Hawley told TVLine, “so I think it’s fair to say that there might be a new rookie or two showing up at some point.”

Is Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo’s NCIS rewatch podcast available on platforms besides Spotify, in video format? –Rebecca
The podcast is available in video format exclusively on Spotify, but the audio-only version is available across other platforms.

Any word on when the remaining Ghosts UK seasons will air on CBS or be available for streaming? When it was on Max, we could see Seasons 1-3, but on Paramount+, only Seasons 1-2 are available. I need to know when I’ll be able to watch Season 4 and 5! –Virginia
I asked around for you, but there are no updates at this time on additional seasons airing on CBS/streaming on P+.

Who told Tom Selleck to be quiet in church in Blue Bloods Season 14, Episode 10? –Katy
Though the actress kinda sorta in a way favored Swoosie Kurtz, I am told that the random, PC-scolding parishioner was played by an actress named Anne Stockton.

Did I miss Tulsa King on your Summer TV calendar?  –Mark
Nope — after all, Season 2 only began filming in April. Season 1, though, is “re-running” on CBS this summer.

Any news on Season 2 of The Diplomat? –P.
When I recently spoke with Nana Mensah, who plays White House Chief of Staff Billie Appiah (and now co-stars on Apple TV+’s Presumed Innocent), she said that filming on Season 2 of the Keri Russell starrer had wrapped, and she expects it to hit Netflix this year. Season 2, Mensah said, is “even better, more dynamic, more everything. The tensions have mounted in a way that is really propulsive and exciting.” As for what’s on tap for Billie specifically, she avowed, “Lots. Lots, lots, lots — but I can’t say a word!”

Will we see Kiele Sanchez on Criminal Minds this season? –Deb
As spoiled by official stills such as the one above, we will see Sydney again, played by Zach Gilford’s real-life missus. The question is, will Voit get to see his much better half? “Voit’s main goal is to get his family back,” Gilford tells TVLine, “and he definitely uses what flex he has to get this family to come visit him — so there’s a good chance” of a husband/wife reunion.

Last season on Criminal Minds, we saw JJ be the “unofficial” leader in the field. Are we going to see her take more leadership roles or positions this season? –Kaitlyn
I delivered your Q to A.J. Cook herself, who explained, “This is kind of an interesting season in that we’re all sort of segregated — we’re not so much a ‘pod’ going to different places together — so there’s been a lot of branching off. I’m with Adam [Rodriguez as Luke] a lot this season, which has been great fun. But yeah, there are just so many moving parts this season.”

Criminal Minds‘ A.J. Cook keeps talking vaguely about deepfakes and AI (watch video above) when she’s asked about JJ’s storyline this season. Do you know what that’s about?? –Michelle
I… think you are about to find out.

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