MasterChef's Poh Ling Yeow stuns in dramatic photoshoot: ‘Fierce'

MasterChef star Poh Ling Yeow has stunned fans with her latest magazine photoshoot, appearing in three striking gowns.

The 48-year-old’s South Australian Style shoot was labelled ‘fierce’ by fans, and for her first look, she donned a white, one-shoulder dress with layers of draping fabric.

Poh Ling Yeow smiles at the camera with red lipstick, black hoops, and a pink striped top. In the background there is an art piece of a child's face
Poh Ling Yeow has wowed fans with her latest photoshoot. Photo: Instagram/pohlingyeow

Her second gown was lauded as 'elegant', a dramatic strapless, dark olive number, with a voluminous skirt splayed out on the floor.

Poh’s final outfit was a fan favourite, an ethereal piece with bunches of fluffy blue tulle from top to bottom, as the star looked off into the distance.

The I’m A Celeb star opened up with the magazine about her troubled childhood, and how her relationship with her mum affected her cooking.

Talking to the publication, she admitted she was a ‘painfully shy child’, and found immigrating to Australia difficult.


“I remember arriving in Australia age nine and feeling so shy I struggled to answer basic questions in class, and trying to overcome the fear of simply playing on a monkey bar was paralysing,” she said.

Poh doesn’t regret anything from her childhood, instead saying that it helped her become more creative, as she had to play by herself and discover interesting hobbies.

“Those years of childhood taught me flow state, deep concentration and attention to detail, which are qualities I use for all my work,” she explained.

Poh believes her mum is to thank for her success in the cooking world, revealing it’s thanks to her the star could ‘pipe like a ninja’ at just nine years old.

“When I was tiny, she expected things to be executed flawlessly — anything from measuring a cup of flour (with no spills, thank you) to finishing the tiny curl at the end of a cursive ‘a’," she revealed.

“For all the times I might have resented her for being such a harsh task-master when I was a kid, as an adult, I can only be full of gratitude,” she finished.

Many fans praised the star not only for the gorgeous photos, but also for her eloquent words.

“Your description with words is like your art, it’s a very beautiful, profound realisation and so eloquently put,” one fan wrote.

“I’m loving these beautiful shots, both the gowns and yourself are simply stunning. Then your thoughtful insightful story to go with them is wonderful. Thanks for sharing Poh,” another added.

“Probably one of the most eloquent tributes and compliments to a mother that I’ve ever read, just beautiful to read Poh. Thank you for sharing it with us and why/how it matters to you, what your mum imparted to you,” a third chimed in.

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