MasterChef judge jokes trying to contain Katy Perry was an 'absolute nightmare'

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

Fans called her MasterChef appearance ‘chaotic hilarity’ and now judge Jock Zronfrillo has spilled all about Katy Perry’s erratic behaviour in the reality show kitchen. 

The Hot N Cold singer certainly caused a stir last week when she showed up at MasterChef HQ, calling Zock ‘daddy’ and telling Reece his dish was ‘the tits’. 

Katy Perry certainly made her mark on the MasterChef kitchen. Photo: Channel 10

Speaking to 10 Daily, Jock joked that the interaction between him and Katy, where she told him to ‘put it in my mouth, daddy’ was ‘embarrassing’ and trying to ‘contain her was an absolute nightmare’. 

“Katy Perry is a dynamo. She came in the kitchen, she broke all the rules,” he said.

“And the twist was actually on the judges, because trying to control her and contain her was an absolute nightmare.

“She was hilarious, absolutely hilarious, but she didn't stick by any of the rules, which we loved of course. It made for a hilarious episode.”

Fans were divided over the Hot N Cold singer’s frenzied appearance on the show, with some saying they could watch her all day long and others being thankful she’s not a permanent judge.

Katy loved Poh's duck rendang on the show. Photo: Channel 10

“Katy Perry is too much. And not in a good way. I feel like it's great for a one off but so glad she's not a permanent judge,” one person said. 

“Why does Masterchef have Katy Perry on?? If I wanted to see none essential celebrities I'd watch TMZ. Please it's a cooking show,” another person wrote. 

Others completely disagreed, saying that she ‘stole the show’ and was ‘the best twist so far’ in a week full of curveballs for the contestants. 

“Katy Perry is worth every penny Ten paid for her appearance. A truly global megastar and probably the biggest name MasterChef has ever had,” one person said. 

“Not really a Katy perry fan but this episode was chaotic hilarity. Genuine prolonged laugh out loud joyousness. Katy is a whirlwind,” another person wrote. 

Some fans went so far as to call Katy’s MasterChef debut the ‘best thing to happen to 2020’ while others said they were turning off the TV to relish in ‘the night as her night’. 

Since the show aired, contestant Reece Hignell has revealed exactly what Katy Perry was actually like during the filming of the show. 

Reece, who was undeniably the most excited contestant out of the bunch to meet the superstar, told that Katy didn’t leave the floor once during the filming and was “on” the whole time. 

“She spent the whole time walking around trolling us, but it was the most endearing thing” he said.

Reece said Katy stuck around after filming so she could have a chat with all the contestants, before she headed off to do a free concert in aid of the bushfires. 

He said Katy seemed shocked that they had to cook every day without a recipe and they took some photos together. 

“She was shocked that we had to come up with all of our ideas on the spot, so that was really cool that she gave us a bit of respect,” he said. 

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