MasterChef fans 'disappointed' by missing details: 'Unfair'

Fans have been sharing their disappointment over the lack of 'secrets and surprises'.

MasterChef fans have taken to social media to share their disappointment over the fact the show hasn't had many "secrets or surprises" despite it being the season tagline.

"Is anyone not feeling the theme of this year? It's not like there are many secrets or surprises," one user wrote on Reddit. "Honestly, the trailers were promising. The first few episodes were promising. And the twist at the start of the secret advantage stuff. And the other stuff, but it didn't really last and it just became random vocabulary in random episodes. There just weren't many secrets or surprises."

MasterChef contestants
MasterChef fans have taken to social media to share their disappointment after watching this year's season due to missing details. Photo: Ten

They continued: "I was also disappointed that the mystery boxes didn't contain any advantages if you do well. I wish contestants at least got an advantage during the team challenge like choosing the core ingredient or cuisine, or choosing their entire team. That would fit having secret advantages every week. Like the winner of the mystery box will only get to know the advantage at the Wednesday episode, and it can be any random or even big advantages. That would have made it more fun.


"I also wished the elimination challenges were a bit more creative. I mean it was like that a lot but the challenges were a bit standard. I wish there were more specific-type challenges."

Other fans shared their thoughts in the comments, with one user responding, "The real title of the season should be: Random Stuff We Thought Up Each Week."

"Totally. Maybe I’m comparing them too much to the ‘Back to Win’ season, that’s unfair because professionals, but the episodes this season are becoming too monotonous," another added. "Maybe it’s also the lack of MasterClasses? They haven’t had exposure to new techniques. Or maybe we expect too much. Regardless, I’ve skipped through way too many episodes this season."

Jock Zonfrillo on MasterChef
Following the shock death of judge Jock Zonfrillo, Channel Ten changed some parts of the show. Photo: Ten

"All the mystery boxes are tame because no one wants to go hard and risk a pressure test," a third said.

"I actually remember reading that they decided to downplay the ‘secrets and surprises’ in the edit after the awful and surprising news of Jock [Zonfrillo]. I do agree with you though and knowing it’s the theme of the season nothing has really felt overly surprising," one user said.

But this explanation didn't sit right with another Reddit user, who responded: "That’s a disservice to the man if you end up making his final season a bit of a damp squib."

It is true that Channel 10 made changes to the show following the shock death of judge Jock Zonfrillo, with The Australian reporting the show's production company Endemol Shine removed anything that could potentially draw attention to judge's passing.

Ten also dropped the show's tagline out of respect to Jock, with Secrets & Surprises removed from all promotional material following his passing.

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