MasterChef Australia 2023: A look back at the show's biggest celebrity cameos

From pop royalty to a real prince, some very famous faces have popped up in the MasterChef kitchen.

Over the years, MasterChef Australia has featured some of the culinary world's biggest names, from international celebrity chefs to homegrown legends. Let's take a look back at some of the most memorable cameo appearances in the show's history.

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson on MasterChef
British chef and TV star Nigella Lawson has made multiple appearances on MasterChef Australia. Photo: Network 10

Queen of puddings, Nigella Lawson is one of many big-name chefs to have made an appearance on MasterChef Australia, appearing on the show for the first time during Season 2, where she served as a guest judge for the invention test.

Nigella returned in 2016 for Season 8 as a guest mentor, guiding the contestants through a challenge that involved creating her signature dishes. Her most recent appearance was in Season 12 in 2020, where she joined the show remotely from the UK due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles on MasterChef Australia
Then Prince Charles caused a stir on social media by not eating any of the food presented to him in the MasterChef Australia kitchen. Photo: Network 10

The future King himself made a surprise appearance on MasterChef Australia in 2018. Contestants on the show were tasked with creating a meal for his royal highness using local Australian ingredients. The prince was presented with unique dishes, including wallaby tartare with green ants and goat's cheese mousse with bush spices, however he abstained from tasting any of the canapés, much to the disappointment of the contestants.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry on MasterChef Australia
MasterChef contestants lost their minds when Katy Perry appeared on the show in 2020. Photo: Network 10

Speaking of royalty, pop princess Katy Perry made a special guest appearance on MasterChef Australia in 2020. Katy was tasked with judging a mystery box challenge, where the contestants had to create a dish using a range of unique ingredients. The pop star was impressed by the creativity and skill of the contestants and praised their ability to work under pressure. Katy also took part in a fun-filled team challenge where she helped the contestants prepare a meal for frontline workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver on MasterChef Australia
Jamie Oliver's first MasterChef Australia appearance was in Season 4, and he has since returned as a guest over the years. Photo: Network 10

Renowned British chef Jamie Oliver has made multiple appearances on MasterChef Australia over the years, both as a mentor and a guest judge. In season four, he appeared for the first time and challenged the contestants to cook a dish using the humble egg. In Season 6, he returned to the show to mentor the top 10 contestants, offering guidance on their culinary creations. Jamie made another guest appearance in Season 8, where he tasked the contestants with creating a dish inspired by his own recipe. Jamie also appears in the latest season of MasterChef Australia from the very first episode.

Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal on MasterChef Australia
Heston Blumenthal, the renowned British chef, has made several cameo appearances on MasterChef Australia. Photo: Network 10

Legendary chef Heston Blumenthal has made multiple appearances on MasterChef Australia, often challenging contestants with his unique and innovative cooking techniques.

Some of his most iconic challenges include the Alice in Wonderland dessert extravaganza; the Taste of History challenge, where the contestants had to recreate a medieval banquet; and the Famous Aerated Chocolate pressure test. Heston's appearances on the show have always been highly anticipated, and his eccentric personality has left a lasting impression on both the contestants and viewers alike.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef Australia
In 2018, Gordon Ramsay jetted Down Under to film a week's worth of episodes for MasterChef Australia, and he has continued to make appearances in subsequent seasons. Photo: Network 10

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most well-known celebrity chefs in the world, and he has made several appearances on MasterChef Australia as a guest judge and mentor to the contestants. Gordon's blunt and direct approach to cooking has made him a popular figure on the show, as he offers advice and constructive criticism to the contestants. In addition to judging challenges, Gordon has also cooked alongside the contestants, demonstrating his skills and sharing his love for food with the MasterChef community.

Maggie Beer

Maggie Beer on MasterChef Australia
Despite not having any formal training as a chef, Australian culinary queen Maggie Beer has had a stellar career spanning almost five decades and is a true Aussie icon in the kitchen. Photo: Network 10

Maggie Beer, a beloved culinary figure in Australia, has been a frequent guest judge and mentor to MasterChef contestants. Throughout the show's history, she has shared her extensive knowledge and expertise in cooking and food production. In Season 9, Maggie challenged the contestants to make a dessert featuring quince paste, one of her signature ingredients. She has also provided tips on how to make the perfect chicken broth and cook with native Australian ingredients such as finger limes.

Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone, Aussie celebrity chef, author and television personality, is a long time member of the MasterChef family. Image: Network 10
Curtis Stone, Aussie celebrity chef, author and television personality, is a long time member of the MasterChef family. Image: Network 10

Aussie celebrity chef Curtis Stone has made numerous cameo appearances on MasterChef Australia. He is known for his charming personality, expert cooking skills and ability to mentor and inspire contestants. Curtis has appeared as a guest judge and mentor on various challenges, including mystery box challenges and elimination rounds. He has shared his expertise on a variety of cuisines, from Asian to Mediterranean, and has challenged the contestants to push their culinary boundaries with complex and creative dishes.

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