'Extreme fail': MasterChef star ignores warnings during immunity challenge

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A MasterChef contestant has ignored strong warnings from judges about attempting a dish that previously led to an "absolute fail" on the show.

During Thursday night's episode contestants had to choose an ingredient they would like to feature in a dish, but they didn't get to know the ingredient they must pair it with until they had locked in their choice. 

masterchef Jock Zonfrillo and Melissa Leong
Both Jock Zonfrillo and Melissa Leong warned Therese against her idea. Photo: Channel 10

Therese decided she would attempt to create liquid shortbread to use as part of her blue cheese ice cream sandwich. But the judge's weren't convinced.


“Wait, just stop rewind. What’s the sandwich bit made out of?” judge Jock Zonfrillo asked after she had explained her dish mid-cook.

“A frozen liquid shortbread,” she repeated.

masterchef terese
But Therese decided to stick with her idea. Photo: Channel 10

“The last time one of those got made in this kitchen it was an extreme fail,” he warned.

With fellow judge Melissa Leong adding: "And that was by Reynold" - yes that's actual dessert king Reynold Poernomo,

"If you can do it, do it," she continued. "But it was an abject disaster is all I'm saying".

Even contestants on watching on from the balcony said she was taking a "big risk".

To the camera, Therese explained: “Jock and Mel don’t look quite convinced that this liquid shortbread will be a winner, but I think you need to risk it to get the biscuit, right?”

“I’m going to stick to my guns,” she adds.

“Today is an immunity day. I’m going to have fun. If I fail, it’s a lesson to be learnt not to do it again.”

Photo: Twitter/Masterchefau
Photo: Twitter/Masterchefau

In the end Therese brought her dish to the judges hoping she nailed the frozen liquid shortbread.

Melissa called her blue cheese ice cream "incredible" before judging the controversial element.

"It had a wonderful nuttiness about it, I thought the flavour was fantastic. It's something that's really difficult to nail and it's an extraordinary accomplishment," she said.

Jock was also a fan of the ice cream but said the corn centre (which was Therese's surprise ingredient) was "lacking". But he still gave her a 10/10 for creativity. In the end though it was Depinder who took out the immunity win with her Mango and chilli fried chicken dish.

MasterChef Australia continues on Channel Ten on Sunday.

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