Masked Singer's Brendan Fevola reveals surprising reason he had to switch costumes

"My whole outfit changed."

Brendan Fevola was unmasked as The Captain on The Masked Singer on Monday night, but the former AFL star has revealed he was actually forced to change his costume at the last minute, as the original would have likely got him cancelled.

Appearing on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin on Tuesday morning, Fev revealed he was actually meant to be The Titanic.

Brendan Fevola on the Masked Singer
Brendan Fevola has revealed his original Masked Singer outfit would have got him cancelled, so they had to change it at the last minute. Photo: Ten

"I was supposed to be The Titanic and five days before the submarine sunk, so it was a little bit too soon," he said, referencing the Titan submersible, which imploded during an expedition to visit the wreck of the Titanic.

"So, they had to change me to The Captain, so my whole outfit changed, there was bodies hanging off, because I had the big tail at the back, which was water!" he added.


Speaking about the experience, Fev shared that he was meant to go to Hawaii when he was asked to go on the show, "They rang me sort of late, and I'd already booked my trip, and they said will you do The Masked Singer? And I was like, 'How much coin?' and then when they said, I was like, 'Yeah, why not?' because virtually I'd be in and out."

He told the hosts that he got a "nice" pay packet for three days, with Erin asking if it was between $100,000 and $300,000, with the radio host saying she was "around the mark".

On the show, Dave Hughes was the only person to correctly guess it was him under the mask, with Mel B, Chrissie Swan and Abbie Chatfield locking in Wally Lewis, Rick Springfield, and Gyton Grantley as their guesses.

Fev performed DJ Ötzi’s Hey Baby, with Chrissie telling him, "Fev, you absolutely brought the party tonight," with the sportsman replying, "I always do, Chrissie, I always do."

When asked how he was able to keep his involvement a secret from Hughesy, Fev admitted it was hard not to tell him, before teasing: “Hughesy, you finally got one right!”


Dave replied: “We’ve been wanting you to be on this show since the start, and finally you’re on the show mate!”

Fev admitted that it was about time he made an appearance on the show because his name has been thrown into the ring so many times over the years when the judges make their guesses.

“I’m guessed every year. My Instagram and Twitter goes nuts, saying this is 100 per cent you, so I thought I’d finally come in as a wildcard, a firecracker, and bring the party," he said.

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