What Mary J. Blige Thinks of Flavor Flav's Taylor Swift Comparison

Mary J. Blige and Taylor Swift perform onstage during Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour Live In Los Angeles at Staples Center on August 22, 2015.

Three months after Flavor Flav suggested that Mary J. Blige and Taylor Swift share some of the same professional qualities, the Queen of R&B officially responded.

In a January interview with HOT 97, the Flavor of Love alum likened Swift's songwriting to that of the "Family Affair" artist. "She’s writing a lot about her experiences that she goes through in life...[just like] Mary writes about her experiences that she goes through in life," the Public Enemy hype man said at the time.

When either woman "gets out there on that stage, and she sings those songs, mostly every single woman in that audience relates..." he added, referring to himself as "King Swiftie" as he has a deep appreciation for both singer's artistry.

Fast forward to April, the Grammy and NAACP award-winning artist was asked about the 65-year-old rapper's statement, and her response proves there's no bad blood here.

"I mean, I love Taylor Swift. She sings about what's going on in her life," Blige told People in an interview published on Thursday, April 18. "It's kind of similar because she definitely gives you a piece of a relationship in a minute and whatever she may be dealing with. And that's just her therapy. That's just her way of expressing herself through her song, and people relate."

"It's definitely kind of the same thing," the 53-year-old R&B icon clarified. "I use my music as my therapy and a way to escape, or a way to express myself and just say how I'm feeling. What else are we going to do?"

Her supportive comments shouldn't be a huge surprise, though, as the 34-year-old "Cruel Summer" songstress invited Blige to perform as a special guest during her 1989 World Tour in 2015, so there must be some mutual adoration.

Now, with all this additional love comparing the songwriting similarities between the two artists, it's only fitting that Swift and Blige reunite for a special collab–at least, we think so! But we're not holding our breath, as the international pop superstar is set to release her 11th studio albumThe Tortured Poets Departmenton Friday, April 19, so it could be sometime before we get the two in the studio or back onstage together.

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