Martin Short Jabs At Trump’s ‘Tiny’ Sore Spot In Blistering ‘Kimmel’ Opener

Martin Short said Donald Trump has reportedly narrowed his list of potential running mates down to just three.

“It was four, but O.J. died,” said Short, filling in as host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this week.

“What a choice Trump has in his tiny little hands,” Short cracked, wasting no time taking aim at something the former president is notoriouslysensitiveabout.

Short mocked the three “doormats” hoping to be vice president, then noted that Trump is demanding that he and President Joe Biden take drug tests before this week’s debate.

Trump claimed Biden is “all jacked up” to help his performance.

“Yes, all jacked up on extra-strength Metamucil,” Short said, then pointed out how absurd Trump’s demand is.

“Do you have any idea how long it takes to get a urine sample from men who are close to 80?” he said.

See more in his Monday night monologue: