The shocking real reason why MAFS couple called it quits

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

They walked away from the Married At First Sight experiment last night after weeks of struggling with their new relationship, but according to another groom, there’s more to Vanessa and Chris’ walkout than meets the eye. 

Speaking on’s Not Here To Make Friends podcast, David Cannon, who is married to Hayley Vernon on the show, claims Vanessa and Chris split after a massive cheating scandal was exposed. 

Chris and Vanessa left the show last night. Photo: Channel NIne

David said Hayley had gone out with Chris and Michael to Darling Harbour on a night out while he stayed behind in former contestants Amanda and Tash’s room, as he and Hayley weren’t getting on. 

Suddenly he heard Vanessa screaming in the hallway and ran out to see if she was ok, with fellow contestant Josh doing the same thing.

It then came out that Vanessa had found Hayley and Michael dry humping on her bed, according to David. 

“What they’ve shown tonight is Chris and Vanessa parting ways, but that was actually three days after the cheating,” he said.

“(Vanessa left) because Hayley cheated and Chris didn’t do anything to stop it, and other things happened that night, but Vanessa was so outraged that things had taken place that night that she left.”

Yesterday, Michael all but confirmed the dirty deed went down on a boozy night in at Vanessa and Chris’s apartment.

According to David, the couple became entangled in the cheating web and found it hard to get over. Photo: Channel Nine

“We were having a few drinks and hanging out,” Michael, 28, told TV WEEK.

“We were all joking and having a laugh. We were mucking around with the phone and were like, 'Oh, how funny would this be if this got out?’”

Vanessa told New Idea last week the pair were ‘dry humping’ and claimed the woman was Hayley.

“They were fooling around on the bed and dry humping. Shoes were flying everywhere,” she said.

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