MAFS fans turn on 'hypocritical' Tash after dinner party rejection

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
MAFS Tash wasn't happy about the dinner party news. Photo: Channel Nine

Married at First Sight viewers have taken to social media to express their confusion after Tash reacted rather strongly to her TV wife Amanda deciding to hit last night’s dinner party solo.

While she was getting ready for the gathering, a producer was left to tell Tash that “Amanda wants to walk in separately”.

The 31-year-old vegan bartender initially seemed ok with it but it quickly became clear she was anything but.

“I would never make her walk in by herself,” she said, adding that she would ‘never’ do the same to Amanda.

However, given that Tash has previously been very vocal about feeling ‘no chemistry’ towards Amanda and regularly asking for ‘space’, fans were left wondering ‘what the hell’.

“It’s honestly so hypocritical how Tash is saying ‘I don’t want to walk into the dinner party with her,’ but then every time Amanda tries to hang out with her, Tash is like ‘nah, I can’t’,” one person said on Twitter.

“Tash can’t even tell Amanda why she turned vegan, so why is she so petty that she wouldn’t go to the dinner party with her?” another asked.

There were a few fans that stood up for Tash, claiming Amanda had been too ‘aggressive’.

“Amanda is so aggressive all the time and Hayley giving it to her is giving me LIFE. Team Tash,” one person said.

“An aggressive woman coming at you? Now you know how Tash has felt since day one,” a second added.

While the couple appeared to hit it off at their wedding, the next day Tash admitted she wasn’t feeling any chemistry with Amanda and asked to stay in separate rooms.

Amanda and Tash fell out on their honeymoon. Photo: Channel Nine
Tash admitted she wasn't feeling the chemistry. Photo: Channel Nine

Despite seeking help from the experts and sitting down for a counselling session with John Aitken, Amanda made things pretty clear last night.

“I figured there was no point trying to be fake about the situation,” she said.

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