Married At First Sight’s Bec Zemek's reality TV past revealed

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Married At First Sight star Bec Zemek might be a new face to Aussie viewers but it turns out the 27-year-old from WA already has some experience with reality TV.

From friendships with former MAFS contestants to 'flirtations' with Bachelor stars, it appears that business manager Bec has been mixing with reality TV celebs prior to her debut as a bride.

Married At First Sight 2021 bride Bec Zemek wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet
Married At First Sight 2021 bride Bec has a bit of a reality TV past. Photo: Channel Nine (supplied).

Bec's Bachie connection

As far back as February 2020, Bec was posting pics to her Instagram with fellow Perth local and soon-to-be-announced Bachelor star Locky Gilbert.

In the snaps, which she shared to her Instagram Stories, Bec and Locky are seen cosying up together for selfies while drinking at a pub and also trying out some serious dance moves.

In one video, Locky — who at the time was all but confirmed for The Bachelor — whisks Bec off her feet and holds her in his arms.


In a later clip shared by Bec in late April, the pair pull off the iconic Dirty Dancing scene, with a shirtless Locky lifting a boob-tube-clad Bec above his head.

An insider source told The Wash that while the duo never officially dated, they were 'always very flirty' and 'had a bit of a spark.'

Married At First Sight 2021 contestant Bec Zemek posing for a selfie with The Bachelor contestant Locky Gilbert in February 2020
Bec shared several snaps and videos of former Bachelor Locky Gilbert to her Instagram Stories in February 2020. Photo: Instagram/BecZemek.

"As far as anyone knows, they never dated and were just good friends," the source revealed.

"But some of us think something may have happened. [Locky and Bec] met through mutual friends and were always very flirty together and had a bit of a spark," they added.

Locky was reportedly single at the time, having just broken up with his Survivor co-star and girlfriend, Brooke Jowett.

The Bachelor contestant Locky Gilbert holding Married At First Sight 2021 contestant Bec Zemek in a firemans hold
Bec and Bachie star Locky both hail from Perth. Photo: Instagram/BecZemek.
The Bachelor contestant Locky Gilbert holding Married At First Sight 2021 contestant Bec Zemek above his head while recreating the famous Dirty Dancing scene
Bec's most recent post with Locky was in late April. Photo: Instagram/BecZemek.

MAFS pals

Another of Bec's reality TV pals happens to be former MAFS star Aleks Markovic, who appeared on the show last year.

Aleks took to her Instagram Stories to reveal their longtime connection during Monday night's 2021 season premiere, saying that she and Bec shared '14 years of friendship'.

Also posting about Bec's MAFS debut was The Bachelorette star Trent Cray, who appeared on Elly and Becky Miles's season.

While it's unclear how Trent and Bec know one another, they appear to be close, with Trent gently teasing Bec about her gym routine.

A screenshot of Married At First Sight 2021 contestant Bec Zemek trying on a wedding dress
Former MAFS contestant Aleks Markovic had a lot of love for Bec, her friend of 14 years. Photo: Instagram/Aleks.Markovic
A screenshot of Married At First Sight 2021 contestant Bec Zemek on TV
The Bachelorette’s Trent Cray posted a screengrab of Bec to his Instagram Stories. Photo: Instagram/tcray.

Trent isn't the only Bachelorette contestant with links to Bec, either. The Wash claims Bec was out partying with Trent and fellow Bachelorette hopeful Shannon Karaka in Sydney last December, around the same time that MAFS wrapped filming.

The trio apparently posted several selfies that have since been deleted from their respective accounts.

Bec and Jake 'don’t show great signs' says expert

Bec was paired with mental health charity CEO Jake Edwards in the season premiere, and their marriage didn't get off to the best of starts.

Bec found that her groom didn't live up to her high standards, leaving Jake out in the cold. A firm pep talk from her bridesmaid saw Bec soften a bit and give her relationship with Jake another go — but will they last?

Sharon Draper, eharmony relationship expert, doesn't have high hopes for the newlyweds and predicts Jake having to constantly live up to Bec's 'high standards'.

Married At First Sight 2021 contestants Bec Zemek and Jake Edwards standing at the altar with a celebrant at their wedding
MAFS bride Bec and groom Jake got off to a rocky start in the season premiere. Photo: Channel Nine.

"Bec and Jake don’t show great signs for long-term success and compatibility," she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"Jake will likely feel like he is constantly having to prove himself and earn her love and respect against the odds, especially given Bec is quick to judge and nit-pick Jake on every level," she adds.

Sharon thought that Bec's vows were 'extremely self-absorbed,' while Jake's were more focussed on what he would be doing for her and how they would be 'experiencing things together'.

"I’m hopeful that Bec can let her guard down before it is too late, however, the early signs are pointing to a no for me," Sharon says.

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