Most buzzed-about show: Emma Mulholland, which was such a popular ticket that a number of people were turned away at the door. The eclectic collection was a loud, bold and exuberant debut for the designer.

Coming in at a close second was the Shakuhachi show, which featured hi-shine patent fabrics, floral prints and pastel and gelato shades.

Best beauty look: The hair at Emma Mulholland, which featured imprints of sun, sea and palm trees.

Front row faces: Susie Bubble, Candice Lake, Nicole Warne, the Facehunter Yvan Rodic, Nikki Phillips and models Samantha Harris, Louise Van Der Vorst, and Montana Cox.

What everyone was wearing: The fashion set scaled it down a notch today, with ripped jeans, coloured pant suits and high-top sneakers taking centre stage. Sunglasses were also noted on many front row attendees, no doubt hiding tired eyes from the week.

Quote of the day: “Changing shoes in the cab #bestfeelingever #fashionfatigue.” – @Jodyphan.