Gisele Bundchen's latest lingerie campaign also appears to be a lesson in how to tell your partner bad news.

The supermodel appears in an ad for Hope lingerie in which she strips down to her underwear before dropping a bombshell.

The advert initially cuts to Bundchen in a white dress as she says nervously, "Honey, I crashed your car". A red cross appears next to her with the word "wrong".

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Bundchen then tries the same tactic, this time in a red lingerie set by the Brazilian brand. A tick appears next to her figure, indicating that this is the correct way to tell your partner bad news.

It seems the sentiment may have spilled over into Bundchen's real life – the supermodel reportedly managed to talk her way out of a speeding ticket while in Cape Cod over the weekend.

"Bundchen was clocked doing 70 m.p.h in a 55 m.p.h zone, however, the officer let her off with just a warning," reported the Boston News. "Following the incident, the son of the trooper who pulled over Gisele's Cadillac SUV tweeted that she autographed her traffic citation for his dad - with kisses!"

Bundchen launched her own lingerie line in collaboration with the Sao Paulo based brand earlier this year, saying of the partnership, "Life is made of dreams and I'm very happy to announce that now you will know the Brazilian intimate. My dream come true is for Hope."