Margot Robbie was ‘devastated’ to dye her hair blonde for film roles

Margot Robbie looks amazing with both hairstyles but she wasn't always as Barbie blonde as she is now.

Margot Robbie has solidified her place in Hollywood history with her starring role in Greta Gerwig's Barbie, and her blonde locks are an iconic part of the character. But did you know Margot Robbie isn’t a actually a blonde? In fact, she’s a natural brunette and was ‘devastated’ about changing her hair colour for film roles.

Margot Robbie poses in a pink dress, in front of a convertible car and Barbie sign
Margot Robbie's blonde locks have become an iconic part of her image. Credit: Getty Images

Back in 2014, the actress told Elle she “always dyed [her hair] dark in high school” and was “devastated when [she] had to go blonde.”

Robbie began her career on Aussie soap Neighbours in 2008 and departed the show in 2011. Since starring in her breakthrough role Hollywood role in the Wolf Of Wall Street, her style has been watched closely.


Margot Robbie poses in a black gown with brown hair at the Oscars in 2014
Margot Robbie can pull off any look. Credit: Getty Images

The movie star actually went back to her brunette roots for a brief period of time in 2014 for her role in Z for Zachariah.

She told the Elle once she was “blonde for a couple of years, [she] ended up loving it”, but she doesn’t have a preference and likes both.

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