Fury over man's outrageous request to pregnant girlfriend

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A man has been slammed after asking his pregnant girlfriend to invest more time in her appearance during her pregnancy.

The woman, who is in the early stages of her pregnancy, took to Reddit to ask for advice after snapping at her other half for suggesting she should put more effort into what she wears when they go out together.

Closeup of a pregnant woman sitting on the bed at home holding her baby belly
A woman has caused outrage after revealing her partner asked her to put more effort into her appearance during pregnancy. Photo: Getty Images

She said she feels sick all of the time, she’s throwing up and her back “kills” and while she knows it will get better, she doesn’t feel like wearing anything other than joggers and comfy clothes right now.

“I’ve been out wearing joggers, a hoodie and no makeup the last 3-4 times we have had to go food shopping or whatever,” the woman wrote.

“I really don’t see the point or need to wear tight fitting jeans, a nice top and to do my hair and makeup if we are just going to get some food.”

However, her boyfriend seems to think otherwise.


“My boyfriend today has said that he wishes I would take better care of myself and ‘not go out looking like a mess and a farmers daughter’ whatever that means?” she continued.

“He says I’m not looking attractive when I don’t bother and he wants me to start putting more of an effort into myself.”

“I snapped back and said “why should I? I’m in so much pain and I can’t be bothered to. Besides what I wear and look like has nothing to do with you.. so mind your own business’.”

The woman says her boyfriend is now telling her to ‘calm down’ and it was ‘just a suggestion’.

Needless to say, people were left absolutely outraged by the man’s comments to his pregnant other half.

“From an outsider's point of view, and purely my humble opinion; it seems like he values you more on your looks than the fact you are growing a human inside of you and that does take a toll on your body,” one person said.

Cropped shot of a man forming a heart on his pregnant girlfriend's belly
She said her partner then told her to 'calm down'. Photo: Getty Images

Another agreed, writing: “Is your partner going out like he's going to his GQ fashion shoot instead of the grocery store? Or does he just put on some jeans and a t-shirt? Unless he's looking like a model, tell him to shut the f*** up while you gestate a whole-ass human inside you.”

Others said they aren’t even pregnant and they wear joggers all the time.

“Not only is she pregnant, it's a goddamn pandemic. As a society we've moved beyond the need for Real Clothes during grocery trips,” one person wrote.

“I'm not pregnant and I have been wearing pretty much exclusively athleisure wear for a while now... and I have only worn makeup maybe like 4 times in the last year, none of them were for the grocery store,” another said.

Others told the woman to take care of herself and it shouldn’t matter to her boyfriend what she wears when they leave the house together.

“Your boyfriend should be treating you like a precious gift right now, and I’m sorry that he is not,” a commenter wrote.

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