Man's $1 million Millionaire Hot Seat win - Can you answer the question?

A Melbourne man became the second person in history to win a million dollars on Channel 9's Millionaire Hot Seat quiz show on Thursday night.

Antony McManus had an amazing start to the show by winning Fastest Finger to bank $1000 and earn a lifeline for later on.

Antony McManus Millionaire Hot Seat
A Melbourne man has become the second person in Australia to win Millionaire Hot Seat, but could you answer the question? Photo: Nine

Once he was in the hot seat opposite host Eddie McGuire, all it took was five questions answered correctly to reach the million-dollar question.

Antony was able to use his lifeline and chose to switch the million-dollar question to this:

Which of these classic literary works was published first?

A: The Count of Monte Cristo

B: A Tale of Two Cities

C: War and Peace

D: Les Misérables

Antony quickly chose A: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, which was published in 1844.

He revealed he had no idea when The Count of Monte Cristo was published but tried to order the answers backwards.

Antony McManus and Eddie McGuire
Antony just needed to answer five questions correctly to reach the million-dollar question. Photo: Nine

The original final question was asking how many Australian prime ministers have been members for electorates in Queensland, something Antony said he would have gotten wrong.

Antony said in a statement: "I know it’s a cliche, but winning Millionaire Hot Seat has absolutely changed my life. I thought I’d be renting forever but now I’ve bought a beautiful apartment and even paid cash for it!


"Now I can stop worrying about the future for my husband, Ron, and me. I’m so grateful that the stars aligned on the day. So much had to go right for me to win, and it did. It’s still hard to believe.

"I’d like to thank Eddie McGuire and everyone at Nine who supported me and has been so lovely throughout this experience. I encourage everyone to give it a go and apply to be on the show. If it happened to me, it could happen to you too."

Antony is an LGBTQI+ activist and lover of the theatre and arts. He and husband Ron have been fighting for equal rights in their community for some time.

Antony McManus with husband Ron
Antony with husband Ron. Photo: Facebook

The pair has been married 17 times at rallies, on TV and and on radio, but were finally able to legally tie the knot in January 2018, when same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia.

Antony is the treasurer of the charity Positive Attitude, which provides food and company for people living with HIV and people who feel isolated. The charity has been helping people since 1984 and he is passionate about working in the non-for-profit sector.

In the 1970s, Antony tried his hand at child acting and featured in several commercials and TV shows, including Cop Shop where he played Craig Matthews, and Solo One as Craig Pritchard. He also appeared in The Sullivans.

A huge $87,098,000 has been won on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Millionaire Hot Seat over the past 21 years.

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